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Why do I get so tired after eating anything?

I a female, 56 yrs of age.  I went to an extreme depression 2 years ago.  I say it was extreme emotional, physical and phsycological exaustion, my whole body shutdown on me.

It affected my short term,  long terms memory and concentration.  My short term memory is a 10%, long term memory  is at 52% and concertration 47%.  My energy level is so low that I have a hard time functionning.  I know that I have very bad eating habits, since.  However, I am never hungry, so I don't eat, and when I do eat its because I know I have to.  Everything I eat makes me nausious and so so tired.  When I eat they are small portions (size of a bread plate.  I know it can't be carb overload, since even if I eat only 2 scrambled eggs, proteins, I could fall asleep anywhere. My energy level crashes...  I used to be very healthy and active before my depression and I would so much return to my old me.  Please help me fix my eating problem.  Thank you
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I'm actually the same age as you, Ginette07. Your depression would be fairly recent. You say you were in an extreme depression two years ago.
I went through a depression too a number of years ago now. I remember
when I was going through my depression, I wasn't hungry either sometimes. I remember when I was going through one of the worst months
of my depression, I had to remind myself to eat, especially breakfast.
It sounds like your lack of energy is due to the fact that you're not eating
which as you know gives you energy. I would suggest asking your family doctor to give you a referral to a dietician. My doctor referred me to a dietician. I found her very helpful in getting me back on track. If you start
to eat more healthfully, your short term and long term memory will probably improve. I find the type of antidepressant you're taking, if you're taking one
is also important. The antidepressant Wellbutrin has the least number of
side effects. I've heard some antidepressants make you feel naseous.
Good luck, Ginette. I hope you find my suggestions helpful. Stay strong
and hang in there. It will get better. Stay positive and don't be afraid to
ask for help and asking for a referral to a dietician for example or counselling if necessary. Depression can be manageable.
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Thank you.  I am trying the daily food traker...Right now, if I put any type of food in me is good.  Did my groceries again, lots of fruits and veggies, I do hope I won't have to throw them out as I usually do, by the time I get to them, they are rotten.  I will see my doctor next month, I will ask her for a refferal.

have a nice evening
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You don't say if you're still suffering from depression or on medication.  If no to both, then the answer I would think is to see a therapist and deal with the sort of PTSD part of having not recovered from what you went through.  If yes to both, you might consider Remeron, an antidepressant that makes people eat so much it isn't used that often but is reputed to work pretty well and be rather easy to come off of.  Natural is best, though, so the important thing is to make the most of what you do eat.  If you have no hunger but do have thirst, juicing is a way to get a lot of nutrients into your body without feeling like you're eating a lot.  You might want to see a holistic nutritionist; perhaps there's some things stored up in you that need to come out still.
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I'm still on antidpressants.  The psychotherapist said that he preffers that I wait till spring to reduce then stop.  I'm no longer in my depression.  Yes on juicing, when I eat a small meal (bread plate) I feel like I ate a big Christmas meal.

Thank you for your comment
Have a nice day
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One possible cause of early satiety and nausea is delayed gastric emptying also called gastroparesis; it can be caused by depression or by certain medicines, among other.
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