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Yellow Coating on Tongue

About two months ago, I got quite sick, my throat was sore, lymphnodes very enlarged, headache, dizzy. I went to the dr, got amoxicillian. I came down with a drug reaction rash, though I've never been allergic to pen before. I stopped the medication. Three weeks later, I got very bad dry mouth and my tongue was white with thick hairy looking areas towards the back. I went back to the dr, who just told me to stop worrying. I got checked for diabetes and thyroid (negative). Although I am low risk, I also got an HIV test(negative). My tongue is now covered with hairy looking growth located towards the back, looks thicker, and turned yellow. I've been brushing my teeth, etc and not switched tootpaste or changed my cleaning routine.

Could this be an allergic reaction, allergy or diet problem and if so, how could I get it properly diagnosed?

I am female, mid 20's, no children, not very stressful job, but some medium stress lately from other factors. In good health, exercise 2-3X/week, eat healthy, weight 125, height 5'7". I have had no major surgeries or health issues. It's been over 6 months since last unprotected sex, but less than 6 months oral sex. It's been two months since initial sickness, but about 1 month from noticing tongue. The covering has gotten thicker in the month. This year I've periodically experienced extreme thirst (over 5L/day water) and constant dry lips/skin. I have mild periods of irritable bowel syndrome, and overall cranky digestion in general, but have that all the time. I also have dry hair and skin.
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From a quick check online a yellow tongue is a common symptoms of HIV and drug users. It can also be caused by Jaundince. You should see an ENT about this or go to your regular doctor for a referal.
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I am not a medical doc or professional researcher. The following comments must not substitute for the advise of your physician. I would certainly try to visit with your doc asap and explain this too, btw.

If you're a smoker, that could do this alone. Gonoreaha (Spelling) of the mouth would be another.

If you're test came back negative for HIV, you might want to consider the merits of testing for its close counterpart, Candidiasis. Intestinal and/or oral Candidiasis tends to run along the sides of the tongue more than it does that of any widespread area, to my understanding. Therefore, the second, and probably more likely scenario might involve some type of a bacterial infection.

Other online literature points to such possibilites as mono or Sjogren's Syndrome, give your symptoms. Riboflavin and Biotin deficiencies have also been linked with oral discoloration/disease.

I'm only 28 myself, and so by no means is it my intention to discipline you here whatsoever, ma'am, but I would really try to be a bit more careful when it comes to some of the sexual related history.

In 2004, the CDC reported 950,000 new cases of STD's alone, and they estimate that the number is likely to be four to five times that amount among the population. In other words, last year alone between 4 and 5 million brand new STD's were reported.

Three fourths of these newer infections occured in those 35 or under, two thirds of the total occuring among those 30 or under.

The belief by many that STD's cannot be spread through oral sex activities is false and misleading. Men and homosexual females are at very high risk for Candidiasis and Herpes, among several others. Women engaging in such activity are prone to HIV, HTLV, several others, too. For a woman deciding to participate in unprotected sex with an individual that has had multiple past partners is just plain dumb, to be fully honest with you.

Again, I didn't mean to turn this into a lecture, ma'am, but the fact is the days are long gone when "Only a few" had an STD. Today, sadly, the opposite is true-you have to assume that the majority are infected, that's likely the way it is.

For anyone dealing with these types of concerns in our age group, it makes dating and the prospects of marriage extremely difficult, based on what we now know with these new numbers.

These are the same folks touching door handles down at the mall and gas station, too, btw, although I would suggest that you don't take it as far as I have in this respect or you too will be on your way to becomming Howard Hughes II, as I have~.

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Perhaps a little less promiscuity and lacksadaisical attitude toward sex in general might help do you think? Particularly in helping to decrease the spread of STD's and HIV. And yes, I know, we all love a good shag but being discerning about who and where we're doing it is the best investment for yourself and your own health - which, at the end of the day, is more important than anything else!

And ps.....yellow coating on the tongue can be the result of various factors: smoking, certain antibiotics, minor infections, diet, jaundice (usually with yellowing of eyes and skin), thyroid issues, spleen and/or liver anomalies, glandular fever....etc etc.....
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any answers?
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I would say that just about everyone who posted did a good job of answering. Certainly sexual transmitted disease can manifest itself orally. The yellow tongue can also indicate faulty liver function or gall bladder, yellow is usually the sign of liver conditions, but, then again, it could be an infection. These STD's are very hard to get rid of as they are viruses and you cannot kill a virus. I would highly recommend anyone experience the above symptoms in these posts to see their physician and have a thorough blood work performed along with any other tests they may think is necessary.

I would also add to abstain from any kind of sex until marriage. Yeah, I know, I hear you all laughing me off this earth, but hey, is the joy of sex really worth maybe your loosing life, it wouldn't be to me. Oh well, guess this comment was your laugh for the day.

Have a nice weekend and please, get checked, your health and quality of life are sure worth it.
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I've found this board somewhat helpful. But may I say that people should exercise some caution before raising others' fears and concerns about stds and liver disease. (afterall, if you truly have ADD/ADHD, this can add to your anxiety and stress level)

In my experience, jaundiced patients also have yellowish eyes or skin, along with other symptoms. Get your liver enzymes level checked if you'd like to rule this out. Might as well get tested for stds while you're at the clinic. The final peace of mind is worth it.

I never really had any tongue problems besides the occasional dry mouth, since I started taking adderall. At some point last winter I was prescribed some antibiotics, to which I was allergic, which made my tongue swell for quite a while. It has been quite a battle trying to deal with the yellow /white tongue coating, sore throat, etc, since then.

Here is some advice to anyone else who may need these amphetamines to deal with their focus issues. I've borrowed some information from previous posters, random online sources and personal experience.

I am not a physician or health care worker, so please, use any of the following information at your own risk.

1. Avoid taking antihistamines in combination with amphetamines (this could possibly increase the dry mouth symptom)

2. If you have persistent allergy symptoms that may or may not include post-nasal drip, consider speaking to your doctor about an effective medication. I noticed that my throat got or feels a bit narrower since I started taking this medication. You can imagine having to wake up in the morning with some nasty phlegm  sitting in between the back of of your throat and your tongue. It could lead to infection.

3.Taking the medication with some gummy bears or twizzlers can help with the uneven release of the medication and the dry mouth - the paste may combine with the medication in your gut and help release it more slowly.

4. If your job is very stressful, or you have to talk a lot without taking breaks, consider carrying a bottle of water with you EVERYWHERE you go at your job.  You could also consider looking for a job with  less stress/ adding some l-theanine to your regimen/ chew on one of those sugar free gums with xylitol in moderation (if it doesn't make you look rude or unprofessional)

5. Cut down on your overall sugar intake, it could encourage bacteria build-up in your mouth.

6.Avoid drinking beer or alcohol in large quanities before going to bed. The yeast content could promote candida overgrowth.

7. Brush and rinse thoroughly before bed.

8. Avoid quitting nicotine cold turkey and don't stop taking any blood-thinning medications such as aspirin abruptly. I don't encourage the use of nicotine, but its a muscle relaxant, it could indirectly  help alleviate some of the swallowing problems that amphetamines cause.

9. Avoid giving oral sex, if you can (I'll leave this to your imagination).

10. Take a multivitamin every day, if you'd like. We all know amphetamines decrease your appetite and sometimes your overall food intake. At least the supplement may  supply some nutrients and maintain your overall immunity. Vitamin B and C supposedly help to manage some of the residual symptoms of amphetamine use.

11. Consider drastically reducing your dosage or having some "off times".  Together with exercise, It will help get rid of any of the drugs that may be stored inside the body's fat.

12. Drink a lot of water, even when you are not thirsty.
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this is a symptom of candida infection in you intestines from taking antibiotics!

searching your concerns in the searchbar on the candida support forum...there are many posts from people with very similar issues as you have and many posts on how to treat it.


candidiasis [email protected]

most likely what you eat is perpetuating the coated tongue...sugar, starch and any food intolerance will make the growth more profuse.

good luck!
to health
peace be and love free

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curezone! ******* is what i meant
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I have genital herpes and I am married. I found out 3 days before my wedding... He still loves me, still wants to be with me. That wasn't the only bad thing that happened that week. All in all, I'm saying if I were to wait until marriage for sex, maybe I wouldn't have herpes...
People think it's stupid to wait until marriage sometimes, (I though it was). But it's going to be so worth it in the end. Because once you find that someone you're supposed to be with, you're going to wish you could take back all the times and saved yourself for him/her...

All this about 3 weeks ago.
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I have recently realised that my tongue seems to have a yellowish layer that I cant get rid of no matter how much I brush my teeth. I know that I do not have an STD or HIV I just had blood work done, also I am not showing any syptoms of illness or anything. Does anyone know what it possibly could be and should I be worried?
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Caffein intake and not enough clear fluids....that's the cause in my case!

I first got the yellow tongue (and bad taste at the back of the mouth) when using vending machines in the office for tea and coffee.  (I guess this was related to the low hydrating level of the fluids due to the powder makeup...?)

On the rare ocasion I drink (only) pure water for more than a couple of days the symptoms completely resolve.....returning on tea/coffee/cola intake....its the caffein!!!

NB....when drinking only water, the feeling of general wellbeing increases dramatically....lifestyle does not allow this as a permanant solution for my though!

all the best

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Hi I just wanted to add the fact that me and my partner both have a yellow coating on the tongue,we have had all blood tests come back all fine.Tried many medications and mouthwashes all with no luck at all.I have been on fertillty meds for the past 6 months and we have a fair bit of stress in our lives with it all.We know we dont drink enough water and probably dont have the best diet,but we have tried to and are now at our witts ends with it all.Any helps would be grately appreciated.many thanks x
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I have to make a comment to all the people who are telling this questioner to wait for marriage to have sex.  How is it that you do not realize that realistically, in our society today, marriage never comes to some people?  And to more than half of those who do marry, despite their best efforts, the marriage does not survive?  It just seems to me an incredibly idealistic perspective that a lot of us do not have the luxury of having.  And frankly, few in this day and age who do marry, do so never having had sex with each other.  It is a normal part of most dating relationships.  

I understand the urge to tell someone not to take chances with his/her life, but I would also second the comments of the poster who said that it is detrimental to alarm someone who is already worried about her health.  She seems to have taken it in stride though, which is a credit to her.

Safe sex is a great idea.  No sexually-transmitted diseases in existence is an even better idea, but that is going to take a divine intervention or a biological miracle to achieve.  

Please, give advice based on reality, not on an outdated ideal that might not be achievable by a lot of people.
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I think at this point a Dentist would be better able to answer this question. The person has already been to a doctor who failed. A dentist knows more about the mouth because that is all they do all day.
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im having a similar problem. im freaking out because my mom thinks it may be my liver, and i promise you i don't need more health problems! here are my symptoms. btw, i noticed the yellow tongue yesterday when i got home from hanging out with a friend - laughed about it and thought it was something i drink. this evening after brushing my teeth a few times like usual (i have very clean oral health!!!!!!) it hadn't gone away and and i became scared. i'm 19 years old, female. here's my list so far...

smoking - don't smoke. smoked a couple of times in the past year with a friend socially though. yesterday i had a cigarette. i got a new lighter so i tried it out, i didn't even finish the cigarette though.
sjogren's syndrome - have almost all the symptoms but my nose is super runny and my eyes seem fine.
jaundice - no yellow skin/eyes
Candida - all the symptoms i think
symptoms: yellow tongue, exhausted/tired, cold, overly runny nose - blowing it all the time/running down my face randomly, had a UTI a few months ago - feeling like i might have one again, very dry mouth, cracked lips, dry skin, had pnmeonia a few weeks ago that was also possibly bronchitis. lung exray was fine last time i went to the dr.
was on antibiotics recently, i'm on oxycontin for pain related to my osteogensis imperfect and have been for almost a year and a half straight, diabetic, osteogenesis imperfecta, scoliosis,

i am going to go to the dr. but i'd prefer some help asap. i plan to bring this list with me, but anything else i'm missing?
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I think it may be related to diet.  I know when i drink lots of beer, i get fuzzy yellow tongue.  ive been drinking quite a bit these days as i got some pretty disappointing news at work and as a matter of fact i have it pretty bad tongue now.  that said i know caffeine really does a number on my stomach too, which ive been drinking quite a bit lately.  normally i dont have any, i feel much better for it.  so anyhow, i didnt drink today, so hopefully i can take it easy at least until the weekend.

also, for one month a couple months back, i was on the paleo diet (i.e. no rice, grains, wheat or beer). it wasnt easy, but i wasnt running to the can 5 times a day with diarrhea, leveled off at once per day sometime every two days.  I also lost 8 pounds (im male 34 5'7"), my stomach was trip and not bloated.  And my tongue was pinker then than ive seen it in years.  maybe its thrush/candida.  i think ill see my doc, but ive been to see him so many times, im sure he thinks im a hypochondriac.
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I have not found a solution, but I did stumble across something that massively reduced my yellow tongue that I've had for 2 years now. I got the yellow tongue about 3 weeks after taking strong antibiotics for an infection and the doctors I saw pretty much just said you'll get over it and sent me out. It was aggravating having to get a tongue scraper and use it every afternoon because by lunch my whole tongue was just yellow and it was rather embarrassing. I have no diseases and am in prime health, so I don't know yet what it is.

I read that grapefruit seed extract would help, so I've been using it for months now with no change. So on a random health kick I decided to try cayenne pepper pills for something else. To my great surprise, about a month and a half later I found that my tongue was almost entirely normal color throughout the whole day and only my back quarter of the tongue had any yellow on it by nightfall. I can eat food and drink beer and pop without any yellow on the vast majority of my tongue and I am friggin' thrilled. I still have to get way back at the of the tongue end of each night, but it is miniscule compared to what it used to be. It makes me think that the problem with the tongue might be digestion related as opposed to something actually at fault with the mouth, but I'm no doctor so that is only speculation. So I totally recommend cayenne pepper pills and wish you all the best and hope that it is as effective for you as it is for me.
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Could be as simple as smoking or coffee.. antibiotics can cause the problem definately.. according to your comment about being thirsty all the time, dehydration can also cause yellow tongue.. bowel problems could sigNIFicantly cause this. Usually it's either harmless or rarely a possible early sign of liver or gallbladder issues. Some of these posts in response to your question could cause someone to run for the nearest bridge! But don't be hasty with a self diagnotic conclusion, simply go in and ask a doctor.
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This yellow, hairy coating really sounds like thrush (candida infection). It happens regularly after a round of antibiotics. Try to get some Nystatin drops (antifungal, he drops only work in the mouth). The other thing to do is to take saccharomyces boulardii probiotics (the natural enemy of candida), to wash your mouth regularly with diluted apple cider vinegar (change of pH helps kill Candida off) and to generally increase your garlic intake dramatically. Garlic is antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic.
I always wonder why Gps never tell anyone that with antibiotics, you might kill good flora and increase the risk of a nasty moving in instead. I always take S.Boulardii at the same time I take an antibiotic. Its not a bacteria, so it cannot be killed of by antibiotics, and it cannot settle in the gut, so there is no risk.
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LOOL!! I love internet how every lil thing how when you search for ex : i banged my nail, Internet answer "you have flash eating disease"
I have yellow coat on my tongue and I never had unprotected sex, and I only slept with very few ppl
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I've been experiencing exactly the same symptoms as you did. Tested for a whole range of STDs and HIV all negative. May i know what exactly is it and how do i treat it? Hope to hear from you soon.
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