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best diet to slow cardiovascular disease ?

a year ago I had a stress induced cardiovascular event (similar to a heart attack) and during the evaluation I was also diagnosed with atherosclerosis, having blockage in several arteries, and 2 stents place in one artery.   Prior to that I had no symptoms, walked at least a mile a day on average and ate fairly well (I thought).  For the last year I went nearly 100% vegetarian.  No animal products, including no dairy, in order to keep saturated fats low and to help maintain a very low LDL cholesterol.   It seemed to have worked as my LDL has stayed  under 70 and TC < 130.    I also walk 8 to 10 miles a week and to a total of about 60 to 90 minutes of other light exercises each week.

But I have been a little disappointed in the two cardiologist I have dealt with in that neither brought up the issue of lifestyle or diet and seemed to be going through the standard motions of verifying I was taking the prescribed drugs.  Yet hen I read studies posted at the NIH/PubMed  website there seems to be clear benefit to lifestyle interventions.    

I would like now what really works in the lifestyle realm to slow or halt progression of atherosclerosis and limit the chances of heart disease and stent problems, but it seems the physicians I am working with are not that well informed on the subject of dietary impacts.   And I am not that impressed with the recommendations of the american heart association.   Hence I am posting here.

If you can provide some evidence based insight into this I would be grateful.

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Lifestyle does impact on heart disease. Exercise and diet do play a major role. What you are doing is great and glad to hear about the success you are having with lowering your LDLs. As a Vegan you need to play attention to Protein. You need to combine grains and nuts / seeds for essential proteins have to be used daily such as rice and beans, pasta and beans, nuts to oatmeal, peanut butter and bread, and salad and nuts. Vitamin B12 needs to be supplemented as a vegan vegetarian because that vitamin only comes from animal sources. Look at www.vrg.org for more information on vegetarian eating. Thank you for your question and much success.
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I would recommend the raw vegan diet. I know sounds extreme but it really isn't! Im not making claims or anything but I really believe this could cure all your health problems. I have recommended this diet to so many loved ones and they have found superior health. Here are just some examples I have heard to me that they have cured.. Severe gout, Heart disease, hyper/hypothyroidism, Gastroparesis, calcification of the arteries, and even some cancers! So I truly believe this could cure what you are going through. I think you should check out fullyrawkristina and/or Freelee the banana girl on youtube they are both really inspiring but both different. Please consider it! and great job on the first step! :D
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Thank you.   On the protein - I have monitored and am getting enough.  I eat a lot of beans and brown rice along with other vegetables.   On B12- yes, I supplement.  Also supplement with low dose Vitamin K2 as there may be some benefit there in reverse calcium transport and it seems it is not clear whether K1 to K2 conversion is sufficient, even though I get a lot of K1.   I also supplement with Vit D3 as I have seen some research (a presentation given by a cardiologist) which implicates low vitamin D in heart disease.
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Thank you for your recommendation.   I will research the raw aspect.   I try to use the NIH medical research database to find evidence for everything I do.
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