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diet for multiple disorders

Hi i have fibromyalgia, PCOS, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, and IBS, i am wondering if due to all these things my metabolism has slowed, and what kind of food i should or should not be consuming. should i eat more smaller meals, rather than the 3 squares. basically is there a common feature with these disorders and how can i use my diet to minimize my syptoms.
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What came first?  That would help.  And what meds are you on?  Many do slow metabolism, such as ssris, for example, and most strong painkillers.  The only unifying factor here is the fibromyalgia, which is a little understood disease that can cause all the other symptoms you're having, which is why I asked which came first.  As for diet, the easy part to advise is to avoid anything stimulating, including caffeine and sugar.  You should also avoid simple carbs such as white flour, which, along with sugar, is pro-inflammatory and turns to sugar in the system very quickly.  Also avoid dairy and wheat, which are also pro-inflammatory.  There should be lots of high nutrient veggies like kale, collards, broccoli, sprouts, and the like, good quality protein such as fish, and a healthy dose of supplemental fish oil.  Chew slowly and watch what you eat.  Now, these will pertain to the fibro and the IBS, but as to the others, well, a fabulous diet can't hurt but don't know as much about it helping.  There are a lot of books on this in the natural medicine world, and a lot of diets you can try, such as the macrobiotic, but all involve lots of antioxidants, good quality protein, good fats and avoiding the bad such as hydrogenated vegetable oil, and avoiding stimulants, pro-inflammatory foods, and foods high on the glycemic index, such as white flour and potatoes.  In other words, strengthen your body instead of working against it.    
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well, i believe the psychiatric problems came first- i am on effexor xr 300mg, wellbutrin 300mg, trazodone 300mg, and seroquel xr.400mg- changing for effexor VERY GRADUALLY to cymbalta- for the pain. i have always had anxiety that i feel mostly in my stomach, vomit alot when stressed- and then am constipated most of the other time- the doctor thinks it is IBS, the pcos i have had since my 20's (34 now). but only in the last year take metformin ( 2x 1000mg) and spirnolactone (2x 100mg)- i have heard that low gylcemic index helps with that, i am allergic to fish, but eat beans, and occasionally eat chicken ( against eating animals) but some time i just crave meat. are enriched wheat products- ok to eat, i know whole grain is better. i am aware that diet wont cure my symptoms - but i have seen many diease better controlled through diet, i also should add (rather embarrassed) that i was a 15 year using alcoholic- been sober for 110 days..i dont know if this can give you more of an idea, i really appreciate the advice. thank you
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I would avoid wheat entirely, it's pro-inflammatory.  Brown rice, teff, quinoa, tons of good grains out there to eat, and yes, whole grains are the way to go, they have the fiber still on them which helps with IBS.  I wouldn't take medication for IBS since it tends to repress acid, but your stomach just makes more in order to digest protein.  Try drinking a few ounces of aloe juice every day and take digestive enzymes.  If you crave meat, eat it, but only naturally raised.  Fish is best form of animal food, especially that high in omega 3 oils, and only eat wild, not farm raised.  Omega 3 oils are also anti-inflammatory.  Supplementing with fish oil is probably a good idea.  As to the meds you're on, you're in a pickle.  The meds for the psychological illnesses are sedating, especially the seroquel and trazodone, and that leaves the body weaker to fight the energy-sapping fibromyalgia.  I don't know what to tell you here, but it sounds to me like you're on too much medication.  It could be because you have a very bad case, but you're duplicating stuff here.  On the other hand, wellbutrin and snris like Effexor and Cymbalta can be stimulating, so there is some balance there, but that's still a lot of meds.  I have to defer to your shrink, but if you could cut down the number it would help the fibro.  And if I can help any, being against eating animals doesn't really make ethical sense.  Plants have just as much right to be alive and not be tortured, but we do it to them, too.  Why do people only care about living things that look more like us?  I've never been able to get my brain around that.  You know, the only time plants are valuable as food is when they're still alive -- at least we have the decency to kill animals before we eat them.  The reason to eat not too much animal has to do with health, not ethics -- vegetables are just a lot better for us.  But animal products contain the most complete protein, and are the only reliable source of B12, which is essential for energy and emotional wellness.  Fish is a good source for that.  Try eating all organic, and only naturally raised animals and wild fish, not farm raised.  You have a hard road.  My life was ruined by a very weird and rare reaction to quitting Paxil, so I understand what it's like to have a hard life.  Keep working at this and educating yourself.  Good luck.
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