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excess vitamin c

i have been taking excessive vitamin C, (over 2000 mg per day)unaware that it could be dangerous. I am now concerned about the adverse effects this can have on me.  should i stop the supplements ? if so for how long? and can this excess intake make me retain water? thanks in advance for your help
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The suggested RDA for vitamin C is 60 - 75MG However, headlines about oxidative damage (DNA mutations) attributed to taking Vitamin C in excess of 500mg per day had many people step back and reconsider their supplemental routines. For more vitamin c facts visit <a href="http://www.online-health-source.info/Vitamins-and-Supplements/Vitamin-C">Vitamin C</a>
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Dear friend. Sorry for my grammar.
I have been taking  LARGE amounts of intravenous Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) and HONESTLY have no symptoms of anything...Vit C makes me alive, I have lots of energy and I sleep well I have a better memory than 2 years ago.I can remember phone numbers of people met on the street! Before I had to write them down and still I forgot where..
I have been taking it for 11 months now 300 grams(not miligrams) a week.
No kidney stones/cristals or other oxidative damage. What Tyler King said is NOT TRUE...My Oncologist  told me that if I take so much more than allowable amount per day I will DIE.
Is that fair? NO I am still here and well.
Doctor yourself.com is a great site to read about Vit C large amounts and why.
hope it helps.
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never noticed the date here...sorry
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