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feel sick or being sick after eating

My names Catherine and i am 16 years old. For the past couple of months i have been feeling sick after eating and it has recently become increasingly worse. To begin with, i was coughing badly after i had eaten something - anything, this would last for an hour or less from eating. Now though i have started having to go to the bathroom because i feel that i am going to puke. I am writing this now as i have just came back from the bathroom and have been physically sick for about 5/10 minutes almost immediately after my dinner (which was chicken, carrots, onion, and two small dumplings). I am currently on contraception (pill) but to my memory i have been like this for longer than i have been on the pill. I have also been slowly gaining weight due to excessive eating, which has also put me off eating as much. I still force myself to eat lunch and dinner but rarely have breakfast. I have noticed that i sometimes skip dinner but eat (crisps and fizzy juice) late at night. There has been no abnormal toilet issues (peeing and pooing has not changed) and i dont think there are any other symptoms which have brought concern. I am around 5ft6 in height and 9.9 stone in weight. I hope someone is able to help :( thanks.x
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Hey Catherine.

This is the way our intelligent body is telling us that there's something wrong.
Some suggestions.
1. Search elimination diet or hypo-allergenic diet. It takes 6-12 weeks to complete it.
  Best to do it with the help of a dietitian or nutritionist. This will verify any offensive foods or drinks that you are ingesting.
2. Do a Saliva self test for Candida. Very simple and fast. Just do a search.
3. Select only the highest quality foods and drinks. Fresh, wholesome and pure ingredients only, avoiding anything manufactured, processed and with added ingredients that you don't recognize as real and good for you.
4. Skipping meals is never a good idea. Breakfast is very important to my opinion.
    Eating smaller meals and earlier in the day is healthier in general.
5. Do a gastric acid test. Search for the test but again it's best left with
a professional like a Nutritionist or Dietitian.
6. Check out Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) and its numerous health benefits.
    Anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and more. Great healing qualities and
    causes no inflammation in the body when used in cooking, unlike all other oils.
7. There may be Hormonal changes that are affecting you, as well as the contraception pill
    That should be checked with your Doctor.
8. Your B.M.I. is a bit off, but nothing alarming. Healthy eating habits and daily physical
activity, should keep you on the right track.  
9. Check out Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). There's a free download for the basic application (tapping on accupressure points). Good for basic stress reduction.
10. Drink plenty of filtered water every day!
11. Learn how to meditate or get meditation C.D.s and meditate daily, setting any intention you may have .
12. Do deep conscious breathing daily. Check out Pranayama Breathing.

The above suggestions are for educational purposes only, so please do your own research and contact your health care professional, before making any decisions,
regarding your health.
  Hope the above info helps. Post again with questions or to give update.


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this was extremely helpful full of description! thank you!! i will search the following things and will seek advice from a dietician. thanks again
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