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healthy cooking

I had a baby a few months ago and now Im about 25lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy, what are some good healthy recipes i can cook to help speed along weight loss??
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Eating a low carb diet is the best option.  Eat lean protien sources like fish, chicken, beef.  For essential fats eat salmon, olive oil, almonds.  the only carbs should come from fruit and vegetables.  Drink only water not juice.

Anyways look up Low Carbohydrate diest online will give you tons of info to make an informed eating plan
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I differ with above in that I don't believe one size fits all.  Some people are constitutionally suited to a high meat diet, others aren't.  It's not the food as much as how well you digest the food that's the key.  While simple carbs such as white flour turn to sugar quickly and then to fat if not burned quickly, whole carbs such as whole grains can be fine.  There are thousands of good books out there on healthy eating if you wish to experiment yourself, running the gamut from macrobiotics and vegetarian to diets such as the above running high on animal protein and low on grains.  You can also see a holistic nutritionist if you require individual guidance.  And exercise is essential.  Good luck.
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I like better saying that there are more than one path to the same destinations.  The most important is not to follow blindly any diet.  Read Read Read experiment with it.

I just know that in our society carbs tend to sneak in everywhere:

2 pieces of bread: 35 grams of carbs
glassof juice : 40 grams
Apple: 25 grams
1 cup of pasta: 40 grams

I tried low carb and it works.  I have weight trained for 10 years and know how to manipulate my fat percentage and it is all about when and how much carbs I am playing around with

www.bodybuilding.com is a great site to find out about macronutients

I am not saying that pasta, rice, breads are unhealthy, but we tend to take 3 cups of pasta instead of 1 cup.  The same with rice ect ect.

Like those meals with pasta, garlic bread and some kinda dink.  Just this meal could rack up over 200 grams easy.

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So?  Most humans live mostly on carbs.  The healthiest societies eat little meat.  Bodybuilders are the unhealthiest eaters around, though they do get big muscles, because they eat too much protein, causing later in life kidney and liver problems.  The healthiest foods are carbs, meaning dark green leafy vegetables.  There are people who do best on high protein diets, such as plains Indians and Inuits; give them grains and they get what they have now, which are high rates of diabetes.  But give that same diet to most other people and it won't work for them.  I'm more interested in health than big muscles, though I too lift weights I don't add protein to my diet because I'm an American and Americans eat way too much protein as it is.  Don't need any extra unless you want unnaturally large muscles.  Which is fine, but it doesn't generalize to the rest of the population.  Most studies of low carb diets show they do work short term, but lead to bad health in the long term, so they aren't recommended for long term use.  And pasta isn't all created equal, just as an example.  Yes, white flour wheat pasta will produce problems, but brown rice pasta or buckwheat pasta or whole spelt pasta, etc. won't.  Just depends on how much one knows about nutrition and whole foods.  As for that apple, yeah, it's got a lot of carbs, but it's also loaded with quercitin along with other nutrients, which helps keep inflammation down, a much bigger problem than having small muscles.  
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