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help with autoimmune disease (ADEM)

Hi there!

I have been recovering from paralisis, blurred vision, fatigue, depression the last 7 months. I'm doing pretty well on a good diet, some exercise when I can (difficult with heavy feeling limbs) and taking omega 3, 6 and 9. Multi-vitamins, B12 and folic acid which seem to have been helping loads!!

I was sleeping 20+ hours a day and now usual 7 or 8 but struggling in the afternoons still. Its got better, the better my poor nervous system has recovered/ re-myelinated.

I eat lots of eggs, wallnuts, sone fish, peanut butter, use olive oil, green leafy veg, fruit, semisweet chocolate and loads more I've read up on Livestrong.com what to eat to help myelination/ the immune system and nervous system.

Just wondering if there's anything else I haven't thought of... (The latter stages of recovery are in fact the hardest I'm finding.

Thankies! Sue
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