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high levels of LDL

how to lower high levels of LDH?
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I would stay away from statins if at all possible.  They cause a lot of problems your doc will never tell you about, and they interfere with the absorption of nutrients that also protect your heart since they interfere with the absorption of fat soluble nutrients.  So the first question is, how high is the LDL and how high the HDL.  My HDL is so high my LDL is pretty irrelevant, and high cholesterol isn't a main consideration in heart disease, it's oxidized cholesterol that is.  That happens when your LDL or triglycerides oxidize because your diet lacks the appropriate antioxidants, and that's what causes it to stick to the blood vessel walls and contribute to heart disease or stroke.  One way to minimize this risk is to eat your colored veggies -- that's the best source of antioxidants.  You can also take a supplement, though food is obviously absorbed better.  This will take some research on your part, or you can go see a holistic nutritionist for more knowledge about the most potent foods and antioxidants.  To bring down LDL, you have to lower your consumption of foods with the wrong kinds of fats, and to raise HDL eat those high in the right kind.  Most triglycerides come from eating transfats, found in hydrogenated vegetable.  You'll find a lot of these in supermarkets and restaurants, especially inexpensive restaurants.  Fish oil and/or flax seed oil is an excellent source of HDL.  There are also natural supplements that can lower high cholesterol.  A good starting point to research this is Prescription for Nutritional Healing, and a naturopath or herbalist can help you with this as well.  Some docs are even learning about this these days, but not many of them.  But all this depends on how long you've had high LDL and just how high it is -- if it's persistent and resistant to dietary and natural treatment, that's the only occasion statins might be necessary for your consideration.  The final piece is exercise.  The main point here is, keep things moving.  It's only when stuff sticks that it becomes a problem.  
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very high numbers could be a problem and it would be most beneficial to raise your HDL numbers.  The ratio between Overall cholesterol and HDL is just as important as lowering your LDL and raising your HDL.   A ratio of 1:2  (one HDL to 2 LDL) is said to be ideal,  I'm at 1:4 with help from a Statin and riding my bicycle a minimum of two miles a day but my diet is getting in the way

  Assuming you don't have a problem with your liver, there are ways to play with your Cholesterol...
1. change your diet.
2. take drugs
3. raise your HDL

  There are Statins that'll help but there are risks with these.  I don't know enough about diets to say much.  However, in general, we don't want to have any more than 300mg of cholesterol per day.  That basically says you should stay away from everything that tastes good.  And the more you exorcise the more HDL cholesterol you produce.

  All of that information probably doesn't help much but it is a start for others in this forum to chime in with.  Also, Since cholesterol is a big part of Heart problems, you can check on the heart disease, heart attack, and other heart forums as there are discussions on this topic often.
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