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hungry right after eating

I have been noticing lately that I'm hungry all of the time, even right after i eat.  I am 5'10 and I weigh between 116 and 125 (it fluctuates). and am 19 yrs old. I eat all of the time and have been this way most of my life, but here lately I am even hungry after I eat.  I will feel my stomach being so full I cant eat anything and still feel as hungry as I did before I started eating. I also have noticed that the glands that are on my neck have been swollen for over a month.  I am active but I do not exercise regularly so I don't know what happens to all of the food I eat.  I took birth control for two years and then stopped taking it and havent had my period for almost a year.  I thought that maybe I might have a hormone inbalace and that that might contribute to my weird eating habits and lack of ability to gain weight. I have been experiencing weird leg twitches, they are small but theres usually ten spots twitching at once, also I've had a rash on my knee, its not irritated though. Sometimes I will experience diarrhea for almost a week.  I am not worried about gaining weight but I want to make sure that these aren't symptoms of something more serious.  My friend suggested hyperthyroidism but I'm not irritable at all and am quite relaxed at all time. I have low blood pressue (Avg. 102/50), and a average heart rate of about 50-60.  I donate plasma at a biolife clinic as well so I always know my health statis.  If anyone can help me that would be great cause doctors make me really nervous and I only want to go if I have to. Suggestions would be swell to.
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The sensation of being hungry is controlled in the brain by the Hypothalamus. The Thyroid controls this reflex.  If you are having problems with hunger, then you should get the Thyroid checked out.  Ask your doctor for a Thyroid Cascade test along with the T-3/T-4 test.  This is a very sensitive test and will show very low levels of Thyroid hormone imbalance.  You may also ask your doctor to order a Thyroid ultrasound exam to check out cysts.  Most people do have cysts and are just fine, but some people have them and they are causing hormone imbalance.  Ultrasound is the best test for this.  Giving blood is a wonderful thing, but is not a measure of good health.  Get checked out, these are simple and painless tests.
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A good complete physical with some blood and urine tests may get to the source of your problem.

Being hungry all the time can certianly be from a thyroid condition as already stated but other conditions can also cause excessive hunger so a physical would be your best bet.

When you go to see your doctor be sure to bring a list of questions and concerns you may have so you do not forget anything while you are there.

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if ur hungry right after u eat just have lots of water instead of keeping eating
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Everyone will read that I preach about organic food/ all natural food. Ever since I started eating this type of food, I don't get that hungry feeling all the time. When I do have an off day, and eat some 'normal' food, I keep eating cause I don't feel full. Ever since I stopped all the artifical/preservatives I have felt much better; some people agree and some say it's in my head...it's kinda difficult to stay on only that type of food, but it helps me. Good luck to you
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For the passed year my cousin has had some strange symptoms.  Weight loss, pain and twitching of the legs and shakiness and being tired.  She went through MRI after MRI and MRI and many exams from different doctors.  Finally the doctors were able to diagnos her.  She found out last week she had Graves Disease.  This was discovered after they did a test were they give her radiation do a scan and come back the next day to get scanned again.  Her neck gland areas are swallon.  The doctor said she caught it at the begining stages and it can be treated.  Turns out that other symptoms she has not expierenced have been buldging of the eyes and hair loss.  There are ways to treat it my great grandfather had it and he lived till he was in his late 80's.  When you see your doctor if this issue has not been solved you might suggest he test you for these things.
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