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ideal weight

I have just been all around the internet looking at the 'ideal weight' calculators. As a recovered anorexic I was amazed to discover that at 9 stone 3 and 5 ft 4 I am concidered over weight. How ironic that after years of being under weight I should now - as a healthy woman finally - be concidered "over" weight at a UK size 10 US 6. Thats obscene - is anyone making money from this?

Anna X
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Sorry, as an after thought my BMI is only 22 - well within normal range! The charts indicating weight to height ratio totally contradict the BMI ranges for normal, overweight and obese.
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I don't agree with the BMI scale because of the fact an athlete with more muscle than fat would be considered obese and someone with no muscle mass and skinny would be considered healthy. At your local gym they should be able to do your body fat %. Go by that.

Good luck
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The original poster didn't say anything about being an athlete. While it's true that the BMI charts are inaccurate for serious athletes with high muscle volume, BMI can be used as an accurate predictor of body fat content for the majority of folks. It's a useful tool to chart your progress if you are trying  to lose body fat, in addition to weight loss and just watching the scale.
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I absolutly disagree. My parents went and had there BMI done and my father's body fat % is probably ~15% and my mother ~30-40 % and they told my father he needed to loose weight. So tell me about that. And for your info i was giving and example. It is absolutly not any kind of an indicater of body fat %. Getting your body fat% read is an accurate indication of your % of body fat. Do more research



Here are good articles about it is not a good indicator of over all health.

So if you were to follow the BMI scale then it would not be a good idea to work out and increase muscle because your BMI would go up!!!!

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