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krill oil o.k to take?

I'm 32 years old and about 3 years ago i developed and allergy to shrimp. I don't understand how that happend, but when i've eaten "ceviche" it's shrimp cooked in just lemon juice, my mouth starts to feel itchy or if i accidentally poked myself with one, my arm and hand start to itch alot.  My husband tells me that if i eat cooked shrimp nothing will happen, but i just don't want to risk it. Might it be o.k to eat cooked shrimp with out getting an allergic reaction?  Also without reading the warning label i bought omega-3 krill oil 300mg dietery supplement, i wanted to start taking this because it says it's better than just regular fish oil, but the label says that if your allergic to shellfish you should notify your physician and be tested prior to taking it.  I don't have insurance to go to the doc just to get tested for this, should i just not take them at all or maybe try one and see if there's a reaction?  Also since i suddenly developed an allergy to shrimp, can it also just go away?
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A sudden allergic reaction can happen. Some people are allergic to only raw shellfish and then some are allergic to both cooked and raw. Since you have no insurance to go to a Allergist to find out which you are allergic too, suggest you do not consume shellfish raw or cooked, and do not take fish oil supplements either. If you want omega3 fatty acid supplementation, use flax seed oil omega 3 supplementation instead. Once you develop an allergy as an adult, you usually have it for life. Suggest strongly to go to an Allergist and get tested.
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