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losing too much?

I'm a 16 year old girl, about 165cm tall and currently weighing 50kgs. I'm planning to lose another 5kgs through calorie control and exercising. Is this too much/an unhealthy amount? I have been told by my friends I'm becoming too skinny but I don't see it. And advise or comments are greatly appreciated.  
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I hope this info helps...!!!
I've had digestion problems my whole life I'm 35 now. I grew up on classic Spanish cooking and my family embrassed fat and grease and poured it on top of rice and beans like it was a prize.!!!! Can you imagine a skinny lactose intolerant picky eater in that environment??! And I was forced to eat ALL the food until I ran to the bathroom to throw it up.
This food stuff has been a life journey for me.
Please post back and give me feedback. Let me know if anything I said worked for you. --Much love--
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Hello there. I experience a lot of those symptoms, I lost all ability to "feel" hungry. So I keep a mental note of the last time I ate & there are days I will only eat once in 24 hours. I realized that caffeine has a lot to do with it. Think about it if you fill up your belly with 5 hour energy, or red bull, or coffee, it takes away your hunger. Caffeine gives you a false sense of energy by forcing your heart to work faster, rushing more blood to your brain to make you feel alert. But where does this energy come from? You deplete your reserved nutrients, break down muscle as an energy source. Did you know if you drink coffee after a meal the caffeine redirects your blood supply away from your intestines completely blocking digestion.?? The nutrients protein vitamins never get absorbed so you basically turn the food into poop.
Another thing a learned the hard way is simply accepting the fact that I cannot digest fat greasy foods. The smell makes me nauseous and if I force myself to eat it, my body rejects it. So there is a reason you feel sick when you smell certain foods. You're not suppose to eat it.
For me it's not food I'm allergic to it's the oil it's cooked in. Anything I buy that's fried makes me sick. To experiment I made home made French fries, but I cooked it in peanut oil, and I was fine. I very rarely eat anything fried.

For me the best food is very straight forward. Organic chicken baked and white rice, or mashed potatoes. Or steak with potatoes. Sometimes I just have chicken breast and green beans, that's it. No bread no potato no rice & beans.  For seasoning just salt pepper and lemon juice.
I also find drinking a glass of water with lemon juice makes the weird hot acid feeling in my stomach go away. Then I get hungry and eat a lot right after. You guys can try that. And give yourself this rule.. Never drink caffeinated products on a completely empty stomach. Eat an apple. Sometimes your stomach just doesn't cooperate in the morning. Eat a light watery fruit, this can encourage your stomach to want actual food. Also, I switched dinner to lunch time. This made a big improvement. And for dinner I have breakfast, I eat egg omelette and home "fries" before going to sleep. I make the "fries" with half tablespoon of olive oil and water salt pepper.
(Stay away from bacon before bed)
I realized through trail and error sometimes you just can't eat the food society tells you to eat at the time everyone else eats it.  I mean really who eats milk and cookies before bed? I drink sleepy time tea with no sugar.
So here's my eating pattern.
Breakfast Fruit or smoothie green tea
Lunch (my dinner) A heavy meal.
if I crave sweet stuff I translate that into "feeling" hungry
Dinner (my breakfast) egg omelette.

I stay away from bacon before bed. And I won't make sweet stuff breakfast like pancakes. This can keep me awake all night.

Sometimes I have a pancake craving and I'll eat that for lunch and have a very like dinner.
If I have breakfast in the morning at breakfast time it feels so heavy in my stomach I want to throw up.!
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I'm 15 and I've had troubles with  weight ever since I was little. I'm chunky and big chested and it's taken a toll on my back. I have tried numerous of times to lose weight but it's hard because I am such a picky eater, what should I do?  
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dear rosiee, i read ur post , and it's abvious that you are skinny , your BMI is 18 and you have to achieve 20 to be healthy and to avoid some health issues ... don't try to lose any weight please
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