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losing weight

I am 36 yr old female. I have started gaining weight yet again. I have been eating the same as I usually do but over the last month I have gained yet another 6 lbs. I do not want to go on diet pills or anything of the like. I am very restricted on activity level due to medical reasons, so alot of exercise is out of the question. Is there any advise someone can give me on how to lose this weight. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.
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Suggest improving your eating habits to help lose weight which recommend a Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet. You need approximately 1500-1800 calories per day which is spread across 3-5 meals a day with snacks between meals. Moderate fat diet means = use polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats. Eat low fat meats (chicken, fish, loin of pork) or non-meat sources (soy products, nuts), low fat vegetarian combinations (rice & beans, pasta & beans, low fat cheese & pasta), low fat and substitute dairy products (1% milk, low fat/fat free yogurts, low fat soy milk/soy yogurt), use plant oils, non trans-fat margarines, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat daily high fiber breads and cereals (oatmeal). To help eat less food per meal, eat about 7-10 almonds (good fat), 20 minutes before lunch and dinner so you will feel full faster and not eat as much food.  Portion control is important and here some general tips = ½ cup for all starches and vegetables; one piece of fruit or ½ cup of small fruits; 1 cup for low fat dairy products, and only 3oz of low fat meat or protein substitution a meal (only 6ozs total a day). You mentioned medical issues, however, would you be able to increase your physical activities to 1/2 hour or more a day. That 1/2-hour or more can be broken up through the day, 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there which can consist of walking, and/or sitting exercises. For example, park your car in the back of the parking lot and walk to the store. That will give you additional walking. The weight will slowly go down and you will maintain it better. Do not be discouraged, weight loss can be a slow process but the slower you loss, the higher chance it will stay off. Think of this new way of eating as your new healthy lifestyle and not as a diet. Hope this helps you.
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