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maintaining the diet

what type of information will help a person maintain a diet. for example i will have an egg sandwich with oj+celery for breakfast, an orange or grapefruit for lunch and the egg sandwich with oj + celery for dinner. 2 liters of water for the day.  i can maintain that diet for about a week, then i will break it , the temptations of sweets , plus positive or negative events get me wanting sodas and sweets. then my will power will get low and it takes months to regain and start the diet.  what should i be studying that will help stay on a diet?
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First, make sure you do not have anything in your home that are your weaknesses, it is to tempting. I have maintained my weight for 12 years now and still cannot have junk food in my house, if it is hear I will eat it. It looks to me based on what you listed that you might not be eating enough food and/or enough variety of foods. Your body may lacking nutrients and telling you to eat. You can pretty much eat all the non-starchy vegetables you want. Also, make sure to eat fiber from 100% whole grains, beans (like black beans), chicken breast with no skin and fish. Make sure your juice is 100% juice and be careful of salad dressings. The best thing for stress is a walk, yoga or whatever you find relaxing and distracting. Overtime if you can stick withit long enough you will not crave soda and will want to eat right and exercise, it just takes many months of strict discipline. I hope that helps.
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thank you, i will try to keep practicing to maintain a diet, perhaps with time ill get better at it
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Maintaining a healthy diet routine is quite difficult if it is not executed as planned. One thing to remember is "no I do NOT like that" to those tempting food/snacks you like so much. I work with dieticians and the first thing they all tell me is that I have to eat Good healthy breakfast, healthy small portion snack 2 hours later, healthy lunch (again healthy - and we know that does not include a big mack), snack and dinner. The key to success is portion controll+healthy choices+nutritional snacks and yes water.
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