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palpitation and general weakness

Hi Doctor,
I am male 34 years old. I started suffering with high heart rate and general weakness along with numbness in my left hand. Doc did ECG/EKG, then 2D echo cardio-graphy and angio-graphy for pulmonary vessels. Everything was normal. Then they did blood test and found that I have D3 and B12 deficiency.
My D3 level was 12.24 and B12 was 196.
I took D3 6lac injection last week and 4 B12 500mcg injection (1 per week out of which 1 is pending).
I feel improved and my weakness and heart palpitation is reduced slightly. However after doing a long slow walk (about 30 mins) I still feel some weakness. Also some time (4 to 5 times in a day) my heart rate goes up to 90-100 bpm.
How much time it will take to completely recover from B12 and D3 vitamin deficiency.
Do I need to do any other test especially for higher heart rate?
Please help.
Thanks in advance!

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Suggest getting blood work done to see where the levels are from your treatments. If they are normal, suggest going back to your doctor to get further tests for your heart. Thank you for your question.
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