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some serious health probs

I have some symptoms that are running exclusively together.  1) sever chapping of the lips, for example, I wake up in the morning and my lips (mostly the bottom lip) have a thick layer of dead skin like cheap plastic, or that's how I describe it. I have to peel it off and it’s uncomfortable  2) inflammation of my scalp, this has not only been devastating but has also caused the front of my hair to thin and it keeps on thinning slowly but surely. The way I would describe it is that the skin on my scalp is pinkish and used to be way more itchy than it is now, but it's still the same in a sense. 3) chronic inflammation in my nasal passages, I been using a netti pot, but from what I can tell that hasn't cured it or helped, especially since I still notice the dark circles under my eyes which are a cause of severe allergies. These things have been ruining my life and I dont know what to do. Everytime I've gone to a doctor he wont take me seriously. From your experience, could I have a disease or something wrong internally. Please help. I've done everything I can.
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Would you please state your weight (in kg or lbs), height, age, and sex, so I can answer your question properly. Thank you.
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weight is 135 lbs
age is 17
height is about give or take 5' 5 or 5' 6
I'm male

thank you
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If you are 5'6 tall, then you are about 8lbs underweight, however, if you are 5'5 then your weight is ok. I suggest you go to another MD to be checked, especially if it is allergies. You want to know which substance is causing the allergy reaction, if you have allergies. Are you eating 3 meals a day and getting the nutrients you need? If not, I suggest taking a daily multi-vitamin. Best of luck.
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