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i m 24 years old boy i m from india my name is ryan. past4-5 years i m trying to gain my weight. but i m not able after even having a good diet i m non vegitarian . and also going to zym. i take many food suppliments to gain my weight. even spending lots of money in food and suppliments and multivitamins.... i dont get results. so i made up my mind to take steroids .. i had also listen many sideffects about steroids.. so please help me which steroid is the best and safe for me to gain weight and muscles.

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I am sorry but I do not recommend steroids for weight gain. You are underweight for your height. If you do 'work out' with weights, you will gain weight. As you gain lean body muscle, you will gain weight because muscle weight more than fat. Suggest you eat 3 times a day with snacks between meals. Suggest drinking 2-3 times a day either nutrient dense drinks (in addition to eating your meals) such as ensure or make your own milkshakes or yogurt smoothies - milk, ice cream, and frozen fruit blended together, or yogurt, milk, and frozen fruit blended together for extra calories, protein and nutrients to help increase your weight.
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