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sugesstion for Herbal anti-biotic

I am etremely sensitive, and seem to have an ongoing infection/allergy...which has affected my irratable bowel. I have a weak immune system. Please keep this in mind.

In the meantime off to the health store for a possible herbal supplement.

Your reply is appreciated. :O)
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I have a weak immune system as well and what works for me is Echinacea, Glodenseal, kelp, Enteric coated garlic caps .  Astragalus, Codonopsis, burdock root, nettles. Astragalus and the Garlic enteric tabs together really help me feel much better. I also drink 1  quart every other day of Hyssop tea with plenty of water  .Hope this helps some.
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Do a lot of research before you take a health store employee's advice...some are knowlegable, most are just employees.. There is a very good book titled : "Prescription for HERBAL HEALING" by Balch and is probably available at most good book stores or health food stores. It will disclose information about the herb, how much you should take and for what reasons, as well as recommendations of products & foods to avoid to remedy your symptoms... The book is very well laid out, and in layman's terms...
I've been a Vitamin/Mineral/Herb addict for >30yrs...
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