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supplements for cramps

I get very bad muscle cramps in my back to the point where I can't move. I also get really bad cramps in my calves over night. I stretch daily and I do low intensity exercises on my back. I do eat healthy. I also take long walks (can't run due to flat feet and pains). Sometimes I go for 4-5 hours on weekends.

I am a 36 year old male. I have a sedentary job in front of a computer. I do have a lumbar support and I have adjusted my posture.

Vitamins I take at bedtime
a general one/day. 2 magnesium, 1 fish oil (I don't eat alot of seafood)

1. My chiropractor told me to take magnesium. I was taking the magnesium, zinc, calcium combo. He told me not to take calcium since these two work against each other. When I google vitamins for cramps, websites say to take calcium. I don't drink much milk. I don't want to get calories from liquids (I almost exclusively drink water). Does calcium help with cramps?

2. A physical therapist told me to take Tonic Water with Quinine. Anyone try this? One bottle before bed time.

3. Should I take potassium? I eat a banana/day.

4. As stated I eat very healthy. Had a physical fine. I am about 30 pounds over weight, but I am on a diet and my weight loss is at a healthy pace of 1 pound/week. What other supplements should I try?

5. It looks like bones in my back slip out of alignment frequently. As soon as my chiropractor adjusts me, the cramps subside (often immediately). The cramps in my back get so bad, I often can't move. As stated, MRI/X-Ray/Physical all came up negative and I do exercise almost daily. When I have bad cramps, my chiropractor tells me to take a week off and do no exercises at all.
I stated I do low intensity back exercises from a physical therapist and stretch daily.
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crippling spasms
Muscle spasms (severe).  cases of intense, disabling, otherwise untreatable back muscle
spasms eliminated by several
months of twice-weekly magnesium infusions. (Intense intestinal spasms can be relieved in the same way.)

Magnesium IV treatments: A step-by-step guide
Even though magnesium is the key ingredient in this therapy,  always
add vitamin B6 to the IV solution, since these two nutrients are found
together facilitating any number of enzymatic reactions in our bodies.
I suggest taking  6ccs of magnesium sulfate (500 milligrams per cc), for
a total of 3,000 milligrams of magnesium. (Approximately 600 milligrams
of this total is “elemental” magnesium; the rest is sulfate.) Then, the 6ccs of
magnesium sulfate are combined with 3ccs of vitamin B6 (100 milligrams
per cc) for a total of 300 milligrams of vitamin B6.
The 9cc magnesium/B6 combination is then combined with 11ccs of “1/2
normal saline” (0.45% sodium chloride solution) for a total of 20ccs.
The total 20cc IV is given slowly, enough to “warm” the individual but
not enough to “overheat.” It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.
Occasionally, a patient will faint when his blood pressure drops more
rapidly than usual in response to rapidly dilated blood vessels. If this
happens, recline the chair the person is sitting in (feet up, head down) until
the fainting spell has passed.
Aside from overheating and an occasional fainting spell––both of which pass
quickly and are not detrimental to the patient’s health in any way––I don’t know
any adverse reactions to this therapy .  

Not enough quinine in the drink to do any thing

I suggest you look at the Nubax Trio Traction Unit
The Nubax Trio provides an innovative alternative to inversion traction in the comfort of your home. Operating on the simple principal of leverage, the user kneels in the device, leaning forward. The trunk of the body becomes suspended over a common pivot point, while being held at either end of the back, hip and shoulders. A strong gentle traction is created along the spine as gravity forces each end to move apart around the pivot point. Ideal for lower back pain relief or pre-activity warm up.
I bought this direct from the company and it's great. I paid about $250. plus shipping
takes about 10 minutes to put together. I bought this and it helped me! I have 2 herniated disc and Stenosis  

to find a doctor of alternative medicine try the following
American College for the
Advancement in Medicine
Phone: (800)532-3688, (949)583-7666

American Academy of Environmental
Phone: (316)684-5500

International College of
Integrative Medicine
Phone: (866)464-5226

Meridian Valley Laboratory
Phone: (253)859-8700

Tahoma Clinic and Dispensary
Phone: (425)264-0059

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The above poster is correct, and, if I were you, I would called the Tahoma clinic and dispensary, I go there, or should I say, have been there, they are terrific and so very thorough, it is an amazing place, one note, be sure you have enough cash or credit card, they do not take insurance, the damn government does not accept their type of healing, even though it is a known fact it helps. I recommend these folks to anyone who wants to get well without drugs and stay healthy.

The Meridian Valley Lab was or still is, owned by them, talk about a great place, wow, they do tests that no other doc would even think of.
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That's a lot of B6, which in overdose causes a very severe and sometimes permanent neuropathy.  You only need it if you don't have enough.  As to calcium, most people get too much calcium and not enough magnesium in the typical diet, but you also don't want to overdo magnesium as it will also leach out magnesium.  Which means the above therapy is temporary, as is traction, and your problem is long-term.  Don't know what you should do about it, but the exercises you're doing might be not so good -- not all PTs are equally good, and it's particularly difficult since you don't seem to know what the problem is.  What you might do is get your magnesium and potassium levels checked -- perhaps you're not getting enough electrolytes in your diet and it's ganging up on you.  Some meds cause cramps.  I really don't know, and always think it's nice to at least try to find out the why before one starts any treatment, though often we just can't find out the why or we end up with different specialists disagreeing with one another.  Anyway, just be careful, and know your short-term from your long-term when it comes to safety of any particular treatment.  This is a wild guess, but if chiropractor adjustment works for even a short time each time you get one, something sounds like it's impinging on a nerve somewhere.  But I'm no expert, so don't quote me.
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Oh, and be careful with zinc.  Another supplement that is toxic in overdose.  You only take that one when you need to, not just for fun.
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I notice a misprint -- I said magnesium leaches out magnesium.  Meant it leaches out calcium.  And just want to add, I'm not suggesting it's a bad thing to supplement with B6, zinc or magnesium -- I would go with magnesium citrate myself just from reading the post -- just suggesting to be aware of what your needs truly are since not all supplements are safe in large dosages for long-term use.  
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Lets get down to basics

Calcium deficiency and NOT magnesium deficiency is the primary cause of cramps and "charlie horses."

Your chiropractor got his medical credentials by sending in cheerios boxtops.

His suggestion to avoid calcium will only worsen the cramps.

He should have told you to drink a glass of milk or two.

Quinine sulfate was the primary treatment for a century, but the FDA recently restricted its use after a number of cardiac fatalities due to inappropriate use. Quineine sulfate was sold for a hundred years without a prescription.

The quinine in a liter of soda, unfortunately, is not enough to make a difference.
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OK "getting down to basics"
muscle cramping is usually the first sign of magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is needed for proper muscle relaxation and contraction, and excessive muscle tension (resulting in spasms, tics and restlessness) could mean that you are magnesium deficient. As this mineral is lost through bodily fluids,  cramping due to magnesium deficiency. Muscle cramping and other signs of low magnesium levels respond quickly and positively to magnesium supplements and changes in diet patterns to include foods high in the mineral. another by a lack of potassium
and or a deficiency in hesperidin
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The person recommending calcium is obviously not a sports fan.  When an athlete suffers cramps, they of course stretch the body part until the cramp subsides, while the player drinks an electrolyte drink -- usually Gatorade, developed by physicians at the University of Florida.  Now, I wouldn't personally recommend Gatorade, but you'll notice the distinct lack of calcium in it.  It uses salts of potassium and sodium for immediate relief of cramps.  For long term relief, magnesium is used.  Milk, being pro-inflammatory and hard to digest for many people, would not be a choice for cramps. Not to be snarky, but I'd like to get some of those Cheerios box tops myself -- sounds like a good deal.  
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Pax, you can eat the Cheerios! I like McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. I don't like chiropractor's and as per caregiver chiropractor's aren't medical DR.
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Have you tried  Magnesium?   Magnesium is known as nature’s muscle-relaxing agent.
take 300-400mg a day
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I like chiropractors -- you just have to find a good one.  But you don't like physical therapy, either, and a study just came out finding that it was better at fixing torn acls than surgery, which you love.  To each his or her own.  My wife is an oatmeal lover, but I go for millet and rice flakes myself.  Haven't seen a box of Cheerios for many a year -- I just want those boxtops.  And who cares if a chiro is an MD or not?  Having an MD is no guarantee of anything except graduation from med school.  Anyone with a good memory can do that!  
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"but I go for millet" Pax, are you a bird? :>) When I had my Knees replaced the doctor sent me for P.T. 2 times and said that's all you need go home and ride your bike, walk, flex your knees and build up your Hamstrings and Quadriceps. My legs never felt so good
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Well, yeah, but you also had your knee replaced.  Maybe that wouldn't have gotten to that point if you'd had a good physical therapist teach you how to properly move.  Just sayin', the bias of one surgeon that doesn't at all match the data doesn't impress me.  I'm glad you feel well, but did you ever think maybe your back is so bad because you never learned how to do things right?  Not to say PT works, I'm pretty skeptical about everything.  I just started PT.  They're starting with my lower back.  They've already determined that one of my problems is I wasn't using my glutes at all.  It's weird, I don't know, but the last time I did PT it kept my neck and my knee okay for eleven years.  Now, they're a problem again, so I'm back in PT, but if I'd been you, I'd already have two meniscus surgeries, an artificial knee that might lead to more arthritis because of digging into the bone, and waiting for disc surgery.  So I bought some time.  I'm not saying anything is optimal, but you know, don't dismiss things out of hand that you've never given a chance.  I understand you have your preferences, but others have theirs, an nobody really knows what the hell they're doing out there.
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I had pt for the knees but it just got to a point when the bones were bone on bone and the kneecaps were against bone I even had Synvisc injections (lubricant)
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Just got back from my third PT session for the lower back (they're doing my problems one by one).  Guess what (this won't surprise you)?  I'm lopsided.
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Not surprised at all! I thought you were cockeyed
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