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want to increase weight very fast

Heavy calories foods....???
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Since you are underweight, then one cause could be genetic. If your family in general is thin and skinny, there is nothing much you can do about it. If you want to gain weight then you should try to gain weight in a healthy way. A healthy and regular meal is vital to gain or lose weight. Consuming more calories than you burn will help in gaining weight. Try to gain weight in a healthy and steady way. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You may consult a nutritionist and get a diet chart made which will provide you with adequate calories in a healthy way. There can be many causes which can prevent a person from gaining weight. The common causes are hyperthyroidism, diabetes, severe anemia, certain STDs, worm infestation, and certain liver disorders. If you are unable to gain weight rule out conditions mentioned above. A slow and disciplined approach will help. Do keep me posted.
Take care and regards!
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Thanx a lot fr answering d question.....no, my family members are not so thin unlike me they all are pretty healthy.......just I am a bit thin physically m 177 cm tall BT weight is stable sometimes when I start eating rapidly it goes 60 KGS BT then again on normal routine it comes down to 54 or 55 kgs ......I don't want to consult a doctor since here they all just advise for weight gainers or supplements .......so miss if u can mail me some list of heavy calorie diet......I will b grateful......Thanx a lot for the reply......and I more question I wanna ask since I have heard people who drink soda gain weight very fast......would it b alright to drink it......?
Tc.....n Thanx again.... :)
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