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weight loss

how to lose weight nutritionally? I already posted about my weight gain. I am reading a lot of the posts about nutrition. I like to eat greek yogurt with lime..peach and other flavors. Now I hear that greek yogurt unless plain is not good for you because of the added sugar,What do you all think about the chobani greek yogurts?
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There is nothing magical about Greek yoghurt -- it's just yoghurt with much of the liquid removed, making it higher in protein and thicker.  But Greeks don't sit around eating this yoghurt, which is prevalent in the Mediterranean region, they mostly use it as a dipping condiment or for cooking.  Dairy can also be problematic, as it is rich in calcium but very low in magnesium, so if you overdo it you will leach the magnesium out of your system.  Fads are fads and are called fads because they don't last.  The important thing is you're substituting protein for simple carbs when you eat yoghurt instead of, say, white bread, and that helps with the weight loss, but if you eat yoghurt high in sugar you're just adding back in the simple carbs, which turn to fat quickly if not immediately burned off.  If you really want to change your diet permanently for weight balance I'd do some reading and see a nutritionist -- eating a lot of dairy has proven to be helpful for weight loss, but then you're stuck with eating too much dairy, which can later lead to inflammation problems and digestion problems, so the key is to adopt a new diet that is healthier and better balanced than your old one and increase your exercise.  Seeing a holistic nutritionist can be helpful as well if you're not keen on doing a whole lot of reading of a whole lot of conflicting theories of the best way to eat.
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To burn fat you have to do aerobic activity, for example swimming or going for a long walk.
To burn fat even better and to get a high metabolism, you need to gain muscle, because muscle is metabolism. The higher your metabolism is, the more food you can eat without getting fat. Also, don't skip meals and make sure to eat often to really boost up that metabolism.
If you really want added fat burning benefits add in HIIT once a week because it will further boost your metabolism.

The body relies on carbohydrates and fats as fuel. The body uses up more carbohydrates than fats and on a regular basis you can burn all of your carb stores whereas the body stores fat on the body to use whenever, so you need to eat more carbs and less fats.
You also need protien, although it isn't used as a fuel, protien helps to repair your muscles and is used to keep your entire body and organs working in healthy order.

There are different kinds of carbohydrates. The only kinds you want to stay away from are the unhealthy kinds, which are processed things like fast food french fries and white flour. Vegetables, fruits, potatoes, whole grains, rice, etc are all great forms of carbohydrates that the body needs, if you can digest them personally.
But remember fruits and vegetables are meant as cleansing foods, they give you nutrients and vitamins, they are not strictly meant as a very filling food, so make sure to eat more complex carbs, like rice along with your veggies and meat, then you will remain fuller for longer. Whereas if you just eat nothing but meat and vegetables, you will get hungry very fast and will deplete your body of energy which can lead to ketosis and ultimately kidney and liver failure. The body needs carbs to live. The only reason people swear by low carb diets is because it makes you lose a ton of water weight - not fat. It's not healthy and is extremely dangerous because the only thing the brain operates on is carboydrates and the main thing the body uses for fuel is carbohydrates.

So make sure to get all the food groups in a meal and eat as healthy as possible. For example a great well balanced meal would be some healthy home made spagetti because you can cook up some ground beef in with an organic tomato sauce, add in plenty of organic veggies, add cheese on top for some fat and you get adequete long lasting carbohydrates with the noodles. I would drink a glass of milk along with it to add in some more dairy and fat and protien. If you are gluten free, you can find rice noodles or quinoa noodles.

Dairy products get a bad reputation, but if you aren't lactose intollerant and can digest them fine, they are extremely healthy and beneficial for you. They've also proven that drinking milk, yogurt and eating eggs can help people lose fat more than people who don't.
Thicker yogurts are great for people who have a problem or food intollerance to whey (that liquidy stuff), but whey also has it's own benefits.

What good nutrition really comes down to is eating the foods that make you feel great, because everyone is different. Pay attention to what foods your body can and cannot tolerate. If you have food intolerances or allergies, then it doesn't mean those foods are unhealthy, but they are still foods you shouldn't be eating on a regular basis.

And just because something is processed too or packaged, doesn't mean it's necessarily bad for you either. If you were to live a life of completely unprocessed, unpackaged food, you probably wouldn't be getting a lot of nutrients, would be close to malnutrition, because it's just near impossible in this day of age to find whole foods that you can make from scratch. Everything is packaged in the grocery store.
What's more important is that you fuel your body. If you aren't fueling your body with something on a regular basis, that's when problems happen. You'll get hormonal imbalances, adrenal problems, weight problems, metabolism problems, etc. So if all you can find to eat is processed rice crackers, so be it. They may not be the best things to eat, but they certainly aren't the worst things either.
Eating bad things once in awhile isn't going to make you fat. Not eating enough, being stressed out, not working out, not strength training, skipping meals and yo yo dieting will make you fat, because all of those things really slow down your metabolism.

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