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weight loss

I'm 5'1 and 138pds.I'm in my late 20's. I have been  working on the treadmill for almost a month. Walking fast then jogging and ajusting the incline from 2-8. I lost a total of 9 pds but now its all back. I eat healthy and watch my portions. I am able to go on the treadmill at night for about 20-30 mins. Most of the time its about 2 miles sometimes only 1.  I drink water and have given up soda. What else can I do to help things along. I want to lose about 15-20 pds. to fit in my clothing from before having kids. Help please...
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Did you take your measurements before starting your quest?  Sometimes the weight loss will slow but we lose inches instead.... and vice-versa.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated...drink purified water.

Also, when you're walking, throw in some "spurts" along the way.  Walk steady for say 5 minutes, then for 30 seconds walk as fast as you can, then walk steady again.  Do that for several workouts and see if that helps, it should.

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ok ok i just learned this in nutrition class last week !
when you excersice (sp?) do it when your glucose levels are low so then u use the stored sugars ( glucose aka glycogen). when you workout when you have high levels of sugar in you blood ( 30 mins to and 3hr after a meal) you use that before the stored fat for ATP(energy) also are you walking at a normal speed? if so your not bringing up your heart rate ! so walk faster until you find yourself on the edge of "out of breath" when your heart is pumping ! also dont eat at least 3hrs before bed...
i have been seeing rapid results by doing this
-jog 20-30 mins a day
- eating 5 times a day (whatever i want)
- talking Flax seed oil (nasty)
and focusing on the positive results rather than the negative
-let me know how it goes
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