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How Do I help my Mom?

My mom is 68, 5'1" and weighs around 310 lbs.  She had osteoarhtritis and terrible back pains that keep her sitting.  Overeating is not the issue and exercise is extremely difficult as she is barely able to walk, even with a walker.  How does someone like her lose weight? I have put her on an Atkins-type eating regimen, but all that has done is kept her around the same weight.  I am completely out of ideas but don't want to give up on her.  Any ideas would help. Thank you.
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Your mom needs to make an appointment with her family doctor. It's not
advisable for you to put your mother on the Atkins-type diet. It would be
safer for your mom to see her family doctor and have her doctor suggest
a food plan for your mom. The back pain may be because she is overweight.
If your mom loses some weight through a food plan which she has discussed
with her family doctor, her back problems will probably improve. Not every
person is a candidate for the Atkins diet. It's nice of you to try and solve her
food plan. However, you need to take her to her family diet and let her own
doctor who knows her medical history put her on a food plan which will help her take the weight off safely. Hope this has been helpful.
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I have neck arthritis and I have gained 25lbs on piroxicam, it causes me to gain weight and now im struggeling with my weight, its terrible for me because i hate the way i look.
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Hello there,

You might try reposting your comments on the Neck and Back Forum.
Perhaps someone on this forum may have some suggestions for you.
I wish you well.  Eve
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