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***** the possibilities to infect HIV, thanks!

Hi there,

Following is a behavior that occurred last week, anyone can help to evaluate the level of possibilities to infect HIV?

I visited Japan last week, and one of my gay friends in Japan took me around the city, during the visit, I touched his bottom area by my penis. (both of us pants on), coz I told him I erected, and he didn't believe it, so I touched and a bit bump him and prove it.

And today I am so scared : what if my pants ‘s zipper was opened, and my penis out from my underwear (because I checked my underwear has some small holes), and what if his pants (bottom area) has opened some holes. (I think it didn’t have holes, because if it has holes on his pants, I can tell because I went out with him a whole afternoon. But I am just afraid of that what if there were some holes in his pants and he didn’t wear underwear…
So my assume is if my pants zipper didn't pull and my underwear has holes, and his pants has holes, and no underwear, I may be infected because maybe very small penetration
to his bottom?

Please kindly let me know if this is my OCD or it may really occurs?

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Hi there.  This is a classic "what-if" scenario that didn't happen in real life.  I remember you mentioned you were going to see in-hospital treatment.  Did you ever do that?  
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hi there

I have been taking zoloft, but as u see, seems it is not work very well, my doc has changed Paxil for me and hope it works.

Definitely I think the possibilities of happening  of above is ridiculous, but as you mentioned, what-if thoughts is recurring and around me,  so I am hanging in there again, and before that, I was in a nightmare during my trip to Japan, e.g. what if my Japan friend infected me because he kisses my head ( just for greeting), what if I infected hiv because of hot spring in Japan, so you should know how suffering for this travel.

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Of course.  Give the paxil a good 6 weeks to see if it is working for you.  These thoughts are all just your OCD bully taking over.  
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Thanks again for your sincere help and comfort. I will back to you if I have any good news.

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