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Anyone else do these weird compulsions?

I always let tap water run before I fill my water bottle up, and let water fountains run for about 5 seconds before I drink from them. I’m not sure why; probably because of germ aversion. I do the same with toilet paper. I always unroll like two feet of it, then rip it off and put it in the toilet. Then i feel like I can use the toilet paper because it’s “fresh”? And I write my name all over my papers constantly. I also do this thing where if something is left unfinished like work, I’ll say to myself “this is going to bother me so much later.” I say the same thing to myself even if I see something on the road while I’m driving. So I have to back up to see what it is because I think I’ll get upset later if I don’t know what it was??? it’s weird. Anyone else get these weird things? I also pick my cuticles until they bleed.
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Hi there....how much of your daily life is spent on these tasks?  If it is a real disruption, I suggest that you go and see a psychologist so that you can start dealing with these disruptions to your life.  Take care....
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