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Bad OCD while driving

have really bad OCD while driving, it all started when I got into a car accident 3 months ago when some lady hit me from the side. Ever since that day my visual on driving has changed. I always feel like I'm going to run someone over or hit somebody that's walking its literally scaring me to the point where I have to drive back and fourth in some places to make sure I didn't hit anyone. Even at the store and im pulling out, I pull out like a grandma but still make sure I haven't hit anyone by driving around where I parked. Would I feel myself hit someone even going at a low speed like 15 miles or 10 miles? Would I feel the impact or would there be damage to my car? Im so scared that when ever I pull into a place store, apartment or pulling out ilk get out of my car ans look to see I didn't. Its really taking a toll on me, has anyone had this problem? And if so how did you handle it? Would there be damage on may car or would I feel the hit? What if it sounds or feels like regular pot hole? Over here the pot holes are so bad and bumpy Idk what to think half the time. Someone talk to me please im scared ill accidently hit someone without knowing ans seriously injure someone. AND I AM REFERRING TO RUNNING SOMEONE OVER, A HUMAN, A PERSON WALKING OR JOGGING ON TGE STREET OR IN THE PARKING LOT OF A STORE.
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Sorry for the caps.
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Well I have OCD and it make things a little better I have hocd and I use to fear I going to die in my sleep and other stuff. And Im enlisting in the Marines in 5 months do to medical at MEPs because of OCD it ***** but I'm going to let you know something. Iv read all over and a **** load of OCD sights and I have finally decided to try this method because my anxiety is out the roof. Iv been told that FOR ANY OCD THIS CAN WORK for me it's hocd I know I straight because I have never liked a dude like that always loved girls got turned on by them just by looking at there **** so I deci to try this today. I told my self to not give a ****. To accept it and just move on. And it lifted a lot ad anxiety off me. I still love girls. Am I scared to accept the facts heck yes but I want to get back to normal so I'm accepting the thoughts. Now for you. You fear of hurting someone while driveing so accept the fact that it can happen. Someone could wak right out in your path and there's nothing you can do its to late. So accept it. I know it sounds bad but you have to accept that it could happen, that's just one way it could happen tho. For me it's fear of turning gay but I'm tired of having to go place to place day by day and have these stupid thoughts in my head it suck I get angry and mad and a few days ago I cryed over it but I'm done I want my life back so I'm accepting the thoughts and I'm no longer going to care. I know I'm straight because Iv always like girls. So for you next time you get in your car, accept it can happen does it happen often yeah but not has often has you think so just don't let it bother you. It sounds hard. Iv been fighting hocd for a year in a half now and I just don't care anymore. Hope you try my way and it works if not you can try to seek medical help and possibly medication that help with OCD.
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I need to pre read my paragraph next time sorry for bad grammar.
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No I understand everything you said and its hard having ocd, it really is im sorry your going through battling those thoughts and if you know deep down what you are and what your not, well then that's all that should matter bro. Im scared im going to run someone over not pay attention and take off my mind wanders because I have add as well so my mind gets distracted so eaisly. Im so scared im going to hurt someone run them over while my mind wanders like an idiot and not only ruin my life but ruin someone else's. I know were stronger than these problems and im glad im not the only one who has to suffer, its hard man and I don't know what to do.
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Well right now I'm hiting my spike rock bottom it's bad and yeah it really does suck. I wonder off all the time driving not to mention I'm getting a motercycle so I really have to pay attention now. But for me it's hard to focus with this horror going on in my head. I'm probably going to change my medication and pray it works. I use to not wonder off and have OCD I just had depression and OCD is only making it worse. I actually never really was depressed until I started having HOCD. Iv been told for me to just accept it but it's hard because I don't like the gay thoughts but I'm trying super hard to. I keep reading about people that beat it and I ask my self how and when will I. i also look up how to beat it every night it bothers me that bad.
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Nothing's wrong about thinking the things you do, its called curiosity. You'll get over these thoughts though don't feel like you are just cause you think cause you truly know you arnt. Your getting a motorcycle? Nice bro yeah be extra careful! And prepare to get stares from the ladiess because not only are the awesome to drive but girls definitely like a man on a motorcycle, aslo you say your joining the marines huh? Maybe getting away and finding something to distract your thoughts will be good for you. At my job now I like it but I dislike it at the same time because work is work and sometimes it gets tiring especially my shift(graveyard) but I can tell you one thing...I like it because of the people there and who I work with, I go in with this shorty attitude for whatever reason recently because of my driving OCD but 30 minutes of being there and it all goes away. I don't know what it is but everyone there just gets my mind off everything like no problems ever exist, we joke and laugh and work at the same time and as soon as I leave its like ill be okay til I get home and as soon as I get one bad thing on my mind then all the clouds come back until I arrive at work that night. Maybe finding something to distract you will change the way you think and take your mind off everything.
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Late reply yeah I'm getting an r6 And it's true about the girls tho ha my friend let me take his cbr out. Yeah it's been my dream to earn the title Marine since I was a kid my dad is a Marine and its very physical in the Marines and Iv notice that when I'm doing something I like I tend to not be so stressed out like working out or running. Can't say I'll know what it will be like in basic or combat but I'm pretty sure everyone is thinking what I am before you experience it for the first time. And Iv told my self nothing is personal at basic im actually looking forward to it, it will lead to good memories I hope. I had the mental state and was ready to go in until the damn day I started having these thoughts and it got me depressed i don't care for gay people but it's not me because if I was it wouldn't bother me and I wouldnt be depressed so I feel pretty good today I got a book about cognitive behavior therapy and Iv been told to ignore the thoughts and they will go away and if it didn't say that in the book haha and thoughts are thoughts and isn't reality so I'm trying to teach myself that so if I developed some other thought it won't spiral out of control like the HOCD did I would much rather have a fear of dirt or spiders but got to beat this one first. It hasn't really botherd me since yesterday. im just waiting for my full attraction to come back for women ha you know how it is. Saw one at the gym today and man ha. How has your anxiety is it better or worse?
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Im glad to see that your taking it one day at a time and trying to over come the issue in many ways, yea im telling you that's an eye grabber for the ladies so watch out lol. You'll do perfectly fine in the marines and when you come home you'll be set in life, I wish the best to you. I was trying to find psychiatrists but they are all just so expensive, I can't afford it right now but it seems to be on and off but lately I've been getting out of the car and checking my surroundings to make sure I didn't hit anyone and as well as going back and fourth down streets. I look and feel like a crazy man but I can't help it and its gotten to the point where I don't know what to do anymore.
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