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Bad father with hoarding compulsions

I just understood that my father has these symptoms for a v long time since i was abt 13... he has alw liked to collect and repair junks like old tvs, machines but when the people don't want them back anymore, he'll still store them. in his 60s- senior citizen but not really old in govt definition...  mentality? Old brokendown big items- must recycle and others are wasteful to throw theirs.
Now his room is filled to the ceiling, has disgusting habit of clearing OUR things to make space for more. HATE THIS as im organized and don't like my stuff removed!! We'd argued so many times, tried to make him go for diagnosis. But it's futile and very unfair we've to live with such a behavior! what sort of unreliable father is this?
The only point i discov. is i can sneak out the smaller items that're not recent, but mustn let him notice, or he'd grumble that i should 'clear my toys'  I've read up what a centre gave me, this kind don't consider others' needs/ broken record that makes them like that/ some need to criticize and make demands.

Recent months, this wretch has also fallen into the last category:  need to criticize and make demands. Mainly on my mum, food doesn taste nice enough, adjusting of the stove, meddling of trivia....   :( it's said they cannot control or help it, but that *****. Then let him get away with it??

For junking, i've found a pattern.... but for the criticizing the *******'s making our blood pressure high-- how to cope?
Not able to move out... Any advice?
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I don't have any experience with hoarding I'm sorry to say.  I did wonder though whether it was considered OCD and here is a link to a paper that discussed OCD versus addiction.  


I wonder whether your father knows deep down inside something is wrong but just can't get past it.  After all this time, of course you all are bringing it up now, I think he is frustrated and probably taking it out on the family by criticizing everything.  After all, you are critizing his behavior.  Do you see what I mean.  But in any event, there is no doubt that he needs some psychological help.  
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