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Best Medication for OCD

What are the best medications for OCD, and has anyone had success with prozac for OCD?
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I take Prozac for OCD. I have had OCD for many years but just started taking Prozac in October. I have gradually noticed a difference and usually for the better but still have times when I seem like I'm slipping back again. I have also noticed that I have times elevated mood,which is great....lol....but it's almost too elevated....lol. Anyway hope that you find the medication thats right for you. Oh.by the way I take 30mg a day.
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Hi, with help from my therepist, realized I suffer from OCD. I get terrible thoughts that maybe I have done something wrong that will hurt someone I love. I get horrible thoughts in my head that wont go away. I have had this in the past and it maybe would last a few days or so but now I am on three months of the same thought haunting me. As a result i engage in strange behavior to avoid thinking or to aleviate the thought. The thoughts are irrational and the worst case scenerio type things. I used to take Klonopin but now I am pregnant and had to stop. I am hoping to be put on something safer, like zoloft. Has anyone taken Zoloft and had it work for them?
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i did take Zoloft 50mg daily however made my OCD worse and also made me suicidal, I took for 5 months.  Ive now b een taking Ciprimil (40mgs daily) for 2 years and it really works for me and took throughout pregnancy (20mgs daily) and after breastfeeding 40mg dailly.
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Wow thanks for the info. Ive been working with therapist and I think I am dealing with it o.k. More anxiety than anything. I am scared to take anything while pregnant so I am going to try and hold off on meds as long as I can
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research zoloft's safety during pregnancy and ask your ob, i took it while pregnant and it helped and baby was fine but everyones different
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Im on zoloft and it seems to make my worrying and ocd and intrusive thoughts worse.
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I was diagnosed with OCD about 20 years ago. My psychiatrist tried prozac, paxil, zoloft, and a long list of other medications. I had horrible side effects from them all. He finally put me on Effexor - venlafaxine. Has worked like a charm -150 mg every morning.
My Dad, an attorney,  had OCD untreated for 7 years. He went on prozac up to 80 mg. He took it for 4 years with no positive effect. Out of desperation he called the drug manufacturer, and with their consent and his physician's, he went up to 120. Finally, after years of suffering - OCD is in complete remission for him. He finally could live a life he hadn't been able to live in more than a decade. This should show you that there is hope for everyone. Persistence and resourcefulness are key.
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