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Breathing techniques

Hi I'm just wondering what the best breathing/relaxation techniques are for calming oneself down when anxiety reaches high level.  I'm fed up up have anxiety attacks and taking it out on my poor fiance by yelling at him.  I want to control my feelings and not allow them to get me so worked up so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds and count this out in your head, then let it all out through your mouth.  You can do this sitting, standing or laying down.  I do this quite often in the car when I have a panic attack when I'm driving.  Nobody knows I'm evening doing it.  If you do it laying down, then put your hands on your stomach so you can feel the rise and fall of it.  Sometimes I even say "in" and "out" when I do it this way.  It really brings my heartrate back down to the point that I can then start my self-coaching..i.e., "I drive all the time and this is no different.  This is stupid and I'm not going there again."  I then try to distract myself with music or something like that.  Usually once I push one away, I am good to go and won't have another.  However, the second I start to think I may have one, I start breathing to head off even going into panic mode.  This works in most cases for me, but not all...which just means I have to breath a little longer :)  What I never do is pull over.  I don't ever give in.  

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Thanks, I'll definitely give that a try!
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