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Can it be OCD?

Good day and thank you beforehand. My situation is that I would like to know the risk pf preganncy under the following scenario, becasue I am a bit concerned. A couple of dasy ago I was with a woman, we did not have sex but she made me a handjob, part of my *** ended up in her jeans, she later clenad her hands with wet tissues. Like 10 minutes later she wet to the toilet to pee (she did not wash her hands before this).

My concern is if the sperm on her jeans might pose a risk for preganncya, and also, that she wet to to pee and maybe she did not clean all of it frrm her hands and maybe some semen got to her vagina, since she has to clean herself after peeing, does this pose a risk as well?

This type of thinking might be associated with OCD or just as it is?

Thank you
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There is NO risk for pregnancy in this scenario.  To get your girlfriend pregnant, you would need to put your penis inside her vagina, for starters.  If you don't do that, you don't need to worry about pregnancy.

It would be wise to get some birth control, just to be prepared in case you do have intercourse.  However, without intercourse, pregnancy is not a concern.

If you find yourself frequently having thoughts and fears of impossible scenarios, it is best to be evaluated by a mental health professional.
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