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Celebrity obsession out of hand?!

* sorry for any typos!*Basically, i have ocd, anxiety, depression and i have been talking to my therapist about me possibly having maladaptive daydreaming disorder. So maybe those things contribute to my obsession. Anyways, i have always loved the person i belive im "obsessed" with. Its just recently that i have become almost in love with him. I have always gone through short phases where i become almost obsessed with a clelebrity or tv show. But this one is alot more intense. I just cant stop thinking about him, watching his show, my attraction towards him isnt even just sexual, its something else about him that makes me love him. Because of my ocd i have been overthinking that i may become pathologically obsessed with him  or maybe even have celebrity  worship syndrom. Now wheneber i think of him i get anxious and almost depressed to the point where at night im broken down in worry. Im worried my therapist might think im insane ir lock me up or even have me put on some hard anti psychotic or something. I also cant even see my therapist for over 12 more days! Please help! :/
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I also forgot to  i also suffer from depersonalization and derealization
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I'm glad you are seeing a therapist.  Honestly I think the maladaptive daydreaming, which I believe I had but was never diagnosed with, is a way to deal with stress.  The more stress...the more we want to get away and into another life.  I used to spend my entire 1 hour drive to work daydreaming.  Sometimes I wondered how I even got there alive.  I promise they are not going to cart you away.  These are things that you need to work through with your therapist.  Did your therapist give you exercises to do when you find yourself stuck?  
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