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Compulsive Skin Picking Disorder

I am diagnosed with an O.C.D. disorder known as (CSP) Compulsive Skin Picking. I began picking obsessively after being prescribed Adderall to treat my Adult A.D.H.D. I have visible scars all over my body & face from years of picking. They begin as 3D bumps which look somewhat like a whitehead or ingrown hair. Some will pop & discharge what looks to be white puss on the outside. Others however will pop inward, creating a bruised like bump permanently on the skins surface; meaning the discharge is sealed beneath the skin & no amount of picking will release it. I have been using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy recently which has helped but I still occasionally give in and am left with open sores all over my arms, legs, face, breasts, back etc. After picking, sometimes for over 8 hours without realizing it, I have MASSIVE anxiety & am extremely hypersensitive. My sores hurt and are noticeably visible as they turn into scabs; constantly reminding me of the shame I am feeling & disgust of myself. I'll be stuck in long sleeves & pants when it's 100 degrees outside & become very isolated & paranoid about people's reactions. I am prescribed Luvox CR (200mg.), Effexor XR (150mg.), & Propranolol (20mg. x3 per day). I also take Vistoril (100mg.) for anxiety as needed & take Synthroid (.50mg) for Hypothyroidism. I have tried just about everything out there & am desperately searching for any other treatment for the skin to heal open sores from compulsive skin picking. If there is any eastern alternative medicine, a specific medication or a combination of different prescription meds., or a notable healing treatment/essential oil/cream to heal the skin ASAP, please let me know!

*Not suggesting that by finding a cure to heal the skin, I will continue to pick; simply looking for suggestions to be used in combination with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

*Other Daily meds. that may contribute to the disorder:
- Daytrana (40mg. patch for A.D.H.D.)
- Strattera (60mg. also for A.D.H.D.)
- Trazadone (150mg. for sleep)
- Tofranil (100mg. regulates sleep/wake cycle)
- Multivitamin
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Extra omega 3 and 6 is good  for the anxiety and the things going on in the brain that creates the compulsion to picked, but be careful to find fish oil that has the mercury taken out other wise you can get even more issues. Vitamin E is good antioxidant that will help restore the skin cells, also Vitamin C, you may need to take these in larger doses than normally taken as they are normally made for people who have no health concerns. I would maybe talk to your doctor about your concerns and see if they have any alternative ideas as my doctor encourages i take Usana along with my other harsh medications to keep me physically healthy.

If you are interested message me and i can give you more information as i know someone who sells Usana and can probably give you a quote for prices and more information on different natural health but she is not a doctor. I use to have a compulsion to pick my nails and it could get so bad that i would bleed and be incredibly painful and looked disgusting, and taking Usana calcium and magnesium and the fish oil 6g a day helped me so much, i actually have nails now and they are long and strong :). so has helped me a lot.

I also hear acupuncture is good, although have not had the gutts to try it so cant say from experience.

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what is usana?
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It is a brand of vitamins and minerals, they also do weight loss treatments and nutrition. They are health food science company which i think are really good.  

Hope that explains it  in a way you can understand.
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Does the usana help with weight loss also?

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