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Compulsive staring, OCD

My name is Mike and I have a very weird problem. An OC staring..
For example when I am sitting in the class and someone is sitting beside me or in front of me(so I can see him in my peripheral vision) I begin staring at this person. The same problem occurs in cinemas, theatres, restaurants...
Have you got any ideas how to solve this problem?
Sorry for my English:)
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Hi there.  When do you become aware of the fact that you are staring?  When you notice and look away, are you anxious?  
Hi! When I see someone beside I begin focusing on this person. Then obsessive thoughts, that I am staring and this person will notice it, occur. As consequence, I feel anxiety and begin staring more intensive or look away, if it possible. Obviously, my anxiety increases after it.
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Staring isn't something that I do myself (everybody's OCD is different).  So what you really should do is see a psychologist and get properly diagnosed so that a treatment plan can be put in place.  It will probably involve you becoming more self-aware and noticing when you are doing it, looking away, and working on any resulting anxiety.  It obviously makes you uncomfortable so I think you should definitely work with a psychologist on this.  
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