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Constantly rubbing tongue against lower teeth

Its been month since I started doing this. My lower front tooth chipped and they said they cant repair it because its crooked. So only polished it. I have crowded lower teeth. Since then my tongue started to rub against lower front teeth. What is happening? I cant stop. It hurts. I do it all day long :(
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Hi.  I have noticed that if I have any type of dental work or when I once broke a tooth, etc. that my tongue also will not let it alone.  I asked my dentist about it and they said 'the tongue is very curious'. I would think this is similar to that.  Your tongue is hurting running over the bends, chipped tooth, and rough edges to your teeth? People can have tics in which they can't control a motor movement.  But this doesn't sound like that since it just started right after something that makes most people's tongues go a little nuts exploring.  Do you have any other movements that seem anxiety related?  Or that you can't control?
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OCD compulsions are repetitive behaviors that you feel driven to perform. These repetitive behaviors or mental acts are meant to reduce anxiety related to your obsessions or prevent something bad from happening. This doesn't sound like your situation but that you are having an impulse to do this instead.  I'd try distraction, staying busy and see if it lessons.  Try not to think about it, have 'go to' things to focus on instead.
I dont have other movements. I am taking anti anxiety medication but it doesnt help :( This movement actually makes my anxiety worse because I really dont want to be doing this :( Even if I do other things, I still do it :( It never happened to me before and I had lots of dental work done, but now it is located right in the middle of lower front teeth and my tongue lies there so just not able to stop :(
I still don't think this is in any way ocd but rather an impulse and something your anxiety is fixated on.What kind of anxiety medication are you taking.
They don't have to "repair" the tooth, which means putting composite on it to make it look like a natural tooth again.  This isn't necessarily permanent.  But they can sand the tooth so it's smooth and not rough and won't cut your tongue anymore.  That should stop you from checking it which I think we all do when we have a tooth problem.  I'd tell your dentist it's rough and cutting your tongue and ask him if he can sand it so it's smooth again.  If the tooth isn't cracked high up on the tooth, it's fine, I lived with one of those for most of my life after my brother pushed me into the side of a pool when I was a kid.  
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