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Dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking)

Hello everyone!,
I suffer from anxiety, OCD, chronic depression (inactive currently), and other mental/personality disorders.

It all started when I hit puberty at a very VERY young age, a few years later a girl pointed out my acne in the most non-rude way she possible could. She hadn't really gone through the severe pre-teenage acne as some of us go through, so she didn't really understand. That day I started picking my skin for the first time. It progressively got worse and worse. Years went by and I now have awful scars from my compulsive skin picking. Today, the top of my back and shoulders are covered in scars and i'm still battling with the urge to pick my skin. My face isn't as nearly as bad as my back. I have some marks on my chin, forehead, and the right side of my face. I could say the side of my face is the worst. I also have a few marks on my chest but not severely. I often tend to pick more than just acne; bug bites, tiny bumps, scabs, sometimes even perfectly good skin. I don't know how it ever got to this stage of severity and it only started on me innocently scanning my facial acne when I was younger. I got to this point of my life where I needed to fix things I didn't like, I was very overweight and on the borderline of weight induced diseases, and now I'm healthy and at normal weight, but my skin is what is blocking me from actually feeling some confidence in myself and how I look. I've been trying very hard not to pick me skin in the past 2 weeks and my face has cleared up. The products I use are Acnedote (as an gentle exfoliate) and Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer. The moisturizer has helped me a lot in healing my scars but barely the one's on my back. Since skin on your face is more supple and thinner than the skin on your back, I need something over-the-counter that would possibly help my severe scars. Does anyone know any products that would help? And does anyone know any coping skills in case my urges rise again?

Thank you so much.
~Princess Saturn
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Hi there.  Have you ever discussed this with a psychologist?  You mentioned you have anxiety and OCD so wondering whether you ever sought treatment for either of the disorders?  As far as the scars go, I really can't say much about that.  I would think a dermatologist would be able to help you there.  And good job curbing the picking.  You are seeing the results of all of your dedicated hard work.  
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