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Do i have pure ocd?

I started having harming thoughts about my mom but I dont act on it.....as long as I'm distracted it dont bother me.this happened back in 2003 but I don't remember how it stopped.now its back and I wonder what do I do for me to forget it again.I have chest and stomach upset every thought.i have no insurance and no money.i need someone who has this for advice.
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Hey, hope this finds you well. Pure O is not fun. From what I gather, you get panic attacks during or after the thoughts? As to stopping it...keeping distracted is the same thing I do. I try not to pay it any mind and it will go away eventually.

Have there been any recent changes to your circumstances like job or social? You mentioned money is why I ask. Do you know of any resources you use to calm down besides to stay distracted?

Doing some research on the symptoms may help you understand what you are going through. I understand though that these things do not work for everyone so please do not take my comment as doctor advice. This works for me most of the time though.

I hope you are able to cope. I know it's not fun but another thing I like to do is find humor in the tragedy that is PureO. Or to think of my ocd as a friend that is having a bad trip...just ride it out, give yourself some love and compassion. See ya on the other side. :)
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A thought is just a thought. It’s when we give it importance that it becomes something more to us. And we tend to give a thought importance when it doesn’t match our character. If this thought goes against your character then just remind yourself that this is not you. Accept that you had this thought but say to yourself because it’s not you, it has no importance to you and other and just let that thought fly by like the millions of other thoughts we have. I have OCD and I went through really hard times because these thoughts left me wondering, is this really me? But these uncontrollable thoughts made me feel horrible and I hated them. I couldn’t sleep at night and I stopped eating. If I’m suffering so much from having these thoughts then I know these thoughts are not me. They go against who I am as a person and my values. That’s when I realized it was OCD and I was giving too much importance to something that I had no control over. So once I started to accept the situation and tell myself that I don’t have control of liver these thoughts, I gave them less importance, and I started to just let them go like a cloud in the sky. When a thought comes just accept that it’s there and move on. Soon these thoughts will disappear.
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