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Does anyone have tips to overcome HOCD?

I’m a 17yo F. I’ve been suffering for several months. I’ve tried to accept the thoughts but that’s only resulted in less anxiety which makes me more upset because I’m not anxious. The groinal response is really annoying and I want to overcome it. The fact that I’m not reacting to these thoughts as frightened as I was in the past has made me believe I am gay. The fact that I’m not the most feminine girl makes me believe I’m am a lesbian. If anyone has tips to over come this please help. The past few months I couldn’t be in public because of how overwhelming the thoughts were. I know I can’t cure OCD but I want to go back to being a 100% straight happy teen.
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Why is it HOCD to wonder if you are gay?  Are you attracted to women?  OCD does actually have treatment associated with it that works really well.  A psychiatrist prescribes medication and a psychologist does therapy.  But it won't make you stop wondering if you are gay if you think you might be.  good luck
No, before this “hocd” occurred I hadn’t even thought of the possibility that I was a lesbian because I wasn’t  attracted to women. But now the compulsions of constantly checking and counting have gotten significantly better, but I just want to go back to normal. Thanks for the response!
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Okay.  So, OCD does have the hallmark sign of obsessive thought.  You don't sound to have compulsions but this thought that you can't get to go away and it is stressing you out.  OCD falls under the Anxiety disorder umbrella.  It's a mental health disorder.  It requires professional evaluation to be diagnosed with it and treatment is helpful in controlling it so it doesn't interfere with your life. This is your next step.  I assume you are self diagnosing but this doesn't suffice for true medical evaluation.  You'll have to see a doctor or psychologist. That is thoughts of being homosexual has nothing to do with treating it like OCD in general. If you were having thoughts of germs, fear of throwing things away and hoarding, had to count to 3 7 times before you could leave your bedroom . . . it's all ocd and all is treated.  You can tell your parents you have anxiety.  And you would like to speak to someone about it.  OR tell your doctor at your next annual physical if your parents won't get you set up before then.  Just say anxiety and obsessive thoughts.  Then when you are seeing the professional that diagnoses you, you can express it ALL.  Until then, you are in a cycle that no one here can help you with.  

You should work on lifestyle things that help though, regular exercise (daily), sleep, eating right.  Learn to do breathing exercises, meditate.  Learn to visualize and try thought switching.  (when something like your intrusive thoughts pop in your head, snap a band on your wrist and go to 'safe' thoughts of whatever gives you joy like the beach, horseback riding, puppies, etc.  Whatever that may be.

good luck
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