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Fear of catching rabies

This past summer I went to Latin America. The room I stayed in had a few rats but I slept up on a bed. I did not notice any bats in my room but I saw them around town during the night. I'm so panicked that I have rabies. My typical anxious mind taking a hold of me :(
I did not notice getting bit...but I've convinced myself a bat or rat bit me in my sleep and I did not notice because their bites are so tiny.
I can seem to worry myself sick about anything.
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Yes..that is the life of the OCD person...worrying themselves sick about anything.  

Well I'm going to tell you that you don't have rabies because you didn't get bit.  In reality I see bats flying around in my own back yard all the time and I'm not coming down with rabies.  But I know that my reassurance is only going to make you feel better for like 30 seconds and then that doubt will creep back in.  

So let me ask you this....what treatment have you had for your anxiety/OCD?  
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