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Frequent scalp itching lead to hair loss?

Hi everyone. I've been itching my scalp for about a year (16 now) and I noticed that one side of my head is a bit easier to see the scalp. I itch only because I get stressed out. Instead of vigorous scratching with all fingers I've started to pick  forcefully with my index finger causing bleeding. I am not sure if I have psoriasis. I started to see white flakes after 2 months of consistent itching so I assume my flaking is caused by my frequent itching and not something else. Am I causing permanent hair loss and if so, how do I stop?
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  As regards any skin condition you can go to a dermatologist.  Generally any standard scalp condition can be treated with over the counter shampoo
or medicated shampoo. However only a dermatologist would be able to understand the clinical specifics.
     Trichotillomania is another problem that might also being occurring
where a person compulsively pulls out their hair. This could be related to that. That is part of obsessive compulsive disorder and responds to medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.A psychiatrist would be able to understand,, diagnose and explain the clinical specifics as well as treat them..
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I'll visit a dermatologist then. How about hair loss? Have I permanently damaged the scalp?
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   It should return without any concerns as long as the hair on the scalp is left to grow back. You can discuss this concern further with the dermatologist.
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I also scratch at my scalp and have been doing it for a long time.  I have not noticed any permanent hair thinning and have been doing this for about 8 years on and off.

I have premature grey hair and it is much grayer on the side I scratch most.  This is probably a coincidence.

Once you leave it alone for long enough, the hair should come back.  Good luck to you!
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