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HOCD Relapse -

Hi, I posted here originally and got some great advice.

I got my act together and I firmly conquered HOCD.

Unfortunately as of late, I've spiked and I'm sure someone out there can help me.

I can pretty much take any psychological bombardment with regard to homosexuality - Because I realise I'm not gay, and it's just fear and insecurity attempting to consume me in a world of irrational and obsessive compulsive thoughts.

Here's the last piece to my puzzle to conquer this once and for all (If someone can assist me you will be changing my life and improving the quality of my living, and for that I thank you dearly)

Basically if I see a picture of a guy, or if I see a good looking guy, I instantly call myself out on it.
"Don't sexualize it. Are you gonna sexualize it. Do you find that attractive. Does it turn you on" And I think it in 0.1 seconds, and obviously with the brains functions it will do it. Like saying don't think of a purple elephant and you inevitably think of the purple elephant although it has no meaning or significance.

So what I'm getting at is I need to find a way to just relax my mind, centre myself, and essentially accept that even if I were to sexualize a picture of a guy (that with full rationalization and zero fear I know I'm not attracted to) it has no meaning to me as a person, and it won't change what I like and who I am. I must just let go, and stop working myself up into this frenzy of a self-fulfilling prophet.

I just want advice to be honest, maybe some perspectives, maybe a different way to approach it. And some support in general.

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