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Hashimoto's and psych problems---related?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in May, although I suspect I've had it for a long time as I have put on a great deal of weight, although I exercise almost daily, and my then-doctor didn't take my weight gain seriously.   My thyroid levels are still pretty off and I also have psych problems.......I have had an eating disorder in the past and could not cope with the weight gain, so I was taking too much of my thyroid medication in hopes of lowering the number on the scale.  Didn't work too well because after a couple of months of this, my lab results showed Hyper; my endo figured out what I was doing and I only lost a pound, and now I have to have my thyroid checked more frequently.  Besides all that, I am suffering from anxiety, some OCD symptoms.  For example, I feel like I must exercise daily, even when I had a second degree sprained ankle last winter.  I refused to rest a day and ended up needing a brace and PT because I continued to exercise.  I wash my hands often and use hand lotion immediately---I must do this.  My moods are unstable and I become irritated easily, anxious and depressed.   I weigh myself often to see if I have lost any weight.  I also binge eat now and crave anything salty or sweet.  I had my adrenals checked and the plasma levels are always fine, but my saliva cortisol tests are a different story---on the low end of normal, and can't find a doctor who will take me seriously and treat me properly.  I have a new primary/internist and he thinks I am bipolar and OCD and he put me on a low dosage of Zoloft and sending me to a therapist for treatment.  No one I know thinks I am bipolar.  Is the thyroid condition causing all these mental problems for me or no?  
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I think Im suffering from OCD symptoms to..Iv hypoT. but not sure why yet! I think Iv got the obsessive thinking and worry. Its doing my head in I don't feel normal! Im hoping its the thyroid because i cant keep going on like this! Does anyone else know of any connection??
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i had a conversation last week with my docotor.....she said that it was common for bi-polar patients to have thyriod problems
some people think that the actual medication for bi-polar causes a decrease or increase in tsh
others feel that the hormone imbalance causes the actual mood disorder
when i do not take my hormones i experience some of the symptoms you described, i feel depressed, unable to focus, reptitive thoughts
i took zoloft when i was a teenager, it made me have racing thoughts,
for a better understanding, google thyriod and mental illness or bi-polar
i am horrible at explaining this, but you are right on
there is a connection between thyriod levels and mood/mental disorders
you can also ask an expert on medhelp
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