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Hiv scare

I am 36 & female. I have been battling with alot of fears lately. In October it seems my world fell apart. There was alot going in within my family. I met a man and had unprotected sex. Immediately after this guilt came over me & stopped eating & drinking. 3 days after I went to the dr. with a bladder infection. It never crossed my mind about hiv or stds. The doctor was kidding with me & said there no telling what else you have, normally I am in humorous spirits. At that minute it came over me he could be right. He gave me antibiotics & after I left the office all these fears came over me. From then prob three days after didn't eat or drink anything. Then I got even more sick with my blood sugar bottomed out, sore throat, ears hurting. It's been about 8 1/2 weeks now. I have taken 3 hiv tests ... All negative. What made everything worse is I started googling symptoms & over these weeks I'm sure I have had at least half the symptoms. I have lost a good bit of weight (not complaining if I was happy & healthy). I have started back to eating & feeling better but can't think about anything else. Now weeks later i have bumps coming up on me everywhere just 1 here & there. im thinking it is deom all the worry. Sorry for the rambling, I just haven't been able to talk to anyone about this. Anyone else feel the way I do? Any comment will be appreciated!!
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Hi Constant, well if it not one thing it will be another. As you age other major concerns will come up and the trick to aging is to not panic. Just have the proper testing done and move on.
HIV scare is actually a growing anxiety syndrome that can make you want to jump off the roof.
Having sex, in some ways, is not just a moral thing. Nature made this possible to bear children. Nature also made it pleasurable so we will procreate. Having sex for pleasure only in a sense goes away from the purpose, so nature has a way of keeping us in line by offering diseases and in this case is the HIV scare.
In some ways its not only the disease that concerns us, but in our subconscious we also know that it is not natural, so its a conscious scare and also a subconscious scare that eats at us from the inside. We call this guilt.
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Thank you for your reply. I have read I believe everything there is to know about hiv. It is so frustrating that everytime a little bump comes up on me i totally panic & won't leave it alone & then it's bigger or infected! I have alway been a God fearing person but now, for sure.
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