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Hocd but convinced I'm not straight?

Ok well several months ago I started thinking I was bi or lesbian because I got turned on by something but I can't remember. I was pretty terrified that I was lesbian or bi even though I support gays I just didn't want that as my life style. It went away and I thought ok well I guess I'm straight....?. But it came back and I kinda got over it because I believe that everyone is on a spectrum. I am almost comfortable with the label hetroflexible but I still don't think it fits with me 100%.  I'm more attracted to the male face and sometimes body ( if they aren't too muscular) but I seem to be sometimes more attracted to the vagina then the penis. I get more turned on at lesbian porn than straight/ gay porn. I don't know what to do. I feel like i need a label. I just would feel better if I knew my sexuality...... I also think that this could be hocd because I didn't start REALLY having these feelings until it started.
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