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I can't stop my extreme lip biting? OCD?

I bite my lips, tonuge, and inside of my mouth till they are bloody everyday. No matter how hard I try I can't stop. I'm worried I'm making myself predisposed to oral cancer. I don't know if I have OCD, but I know I can't stop.
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Hi there.  You need to see a psychologist to get a diagnosis.  Everything you have said are things people do to alleviate stress and most of the time they do not realize they are doing it.  It becomes a habit actually.  Good news for you is that habits can be broken with the right help.  So please consult a psychologist that teaches CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy).  Is that possible for you?    
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Find out what's eating you emotionally.
I used to bite my nails severely as a child. For me, it was the manifestation of the anxiety I felt from the turbulent situation in our household.  
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