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I'm obsessed about trying to figure out if I am a bisexual woman? Any help


When I was 14 year old i engaged in cyber se with a girl on the internet. We were having a normal teen chat and then she suggested it. I agreed to take part, got turned on and that was the end of it. I never went back or had any desire to repeat it again. Now over a decade later I have paired this one incident and the fact that i get turned on girl on girl actions and have had sexual fantasies of women and spent a whole year trying to figure out if I am bisexual or not. The problem is when i meet real women I feel no desire to be with them romantically or sexually so now I don't know what I am and I have obsessed about all of this as I don't know what I am. I have generally a low desire to be with anyone but can and have been attracted to guys and thought about them in a relationship type of way, with real life women i just draw a big blank.

Can someone help me? Does the cyber incident at 14 make me bisexual as opposed to a straight woman? Also does this sound like hocd?
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Forgot to mention that I also a few times (maybe 2 times) chatted to girls on chat rooms around the same age pretending to be a guy. I don't recall it ever being sexual but maybe heading that direction. It never happened again and at the time I had no real life crush or interest in other girls at 14. its been a whole decade and I still have no crush/desire to be with real life women at all.
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