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Info please

I would like to get some info on ocd here.

Hoe do OCD type of thoughts form?
where do they stem from?
What creates the certain type of cod you ll have?

How can you tell the difference from a phobia and OCD?

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Like I said all along--I believe OCD is genetic.
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It's anxiety based.  The thoughts are generated by feelings of anxiety, and basically your mind creates frightening thoughts/scenarios.  The compulsions are a person's unhealthy way of coping with those thoughts.  They reduce the anxiety levels for that person.  To ignore the compulsions would create increased anxiety, hence why it is so hard for most people with OCD to just "stop" the compulsive behaviors.

As for where do they stem from?  There is no one solid answer as to what causes ANY mental illness, only therories.  There are theories that these disorders are largely genetic, other theories about chemical imbalances, others that a past trauma could have led to the issue.  For some people, it is thought that a combination of these factors is the cause.

A phobia doesn't usually come with as severe compulsive behavior, if any.  People with phobias don't usually generate compulsions to lessen the anxiety, rather they avoid the thing they fear instead.  Both disorders can be based around a "real" fear (fear of having your house robbed), or an irrational one (fear that they would be at risk for HIV from being stuck with a needle while sleeping).
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I ve noticed with my OCD it kicked in after a drunken night of stupidity and i also noitced i did not want to harm anyone bc of my stupidity that night
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Alcohol exacerbates anxiety bigtime.  It's hard to tell sometimes what triggers these things.  It just happens.  What's more important than the "whys" is what you do about it.
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At times I do not know if i have ocd or just a very big phobia. I meet some of th criteria for OCD but not all of them,so i am in the dark in away whats up with my brain
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Here is a link to the DSM IV Criteria for OCD.  .  


In my mind, the OCD comes first.  The thought comes and the anxiety builds.  Or the compulsions are used to avert anxiety from irrational thoughts and if you don't do them, then the anxiety comes.  That is why I think it is important to be diagnosed as having a generalized anxiety disorder versus have OCD.  Yes..there are many different things that fall under "Anxiety Disorder" (GAD, OCD, PTSD, Phobias) but each of them is different in some way, either in how they start or what symptoms are involved.  

You can't just treat the anxiety if you have OCD.  You have to treat the OCD...learn to manage the thoughts and compulsions which lead to the heightened anxiety which lead to the depression.  

That final diagnosis...it is so important.  That is why people need to seek out the help of a specialist.  Otherwise, you are just left wondering what the heck is going on like you are...do I have a phobia...do I have GAD, do I have OCD.  

I don't know if this makes any sense to you but it is really how I feel.  If I went to the doctor and said I wake up with my heart racing and I can't sleep because my son isn't doing well in school versus saying that I have thoughts about harming loved ones, my treatment would be completely different.  Without addressing the fact that I have irrational thoughts, I don't think I would be able to get better because I'm not addressing the underlying problem to begin with.  

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The best way I could describe my OCD:

I have OCD, and always will. It is not always in full force however.
Stress is my trigger. Add stress and the OCD comes and hard. Then the anxiety, then the fear, then the compulsions to help alliveate the fear and anxiety which is actually caused by the stress factor so I go round and round and round.
I had OCD symptoms as a child and issues sleeping but my parents were constantly fighting and so it was blamed on that. And I guess it was partly, there was stress involved.
In my adult life it kicked in really really  hard when my grandfather passed away. I love him like my own father and that was the hardest thing I had to deal with. The OCD replaced the sadness and round and round I went.
It continues like this in my life. Stress causes the OCD. Which makes sense because it is an anxiety disorder. I know that I have OCD rather than another anxiety disorder because I do have the compulsions, and I do repeatitive things to make myself feel better.
All this being said:
I think that it is totally reasonable to have OCD act up after a drunken night that caused you to rethink your actions, possibly feel guilty and then stressed out but what may or may not have happened. I am not a Dr so I cannot say that for sure it is OCD, but to me it sounds resonable.
A phobia is something that scares the bejesus out of you and that you avoid. If you have a fear of spiders you will avoid them.That is a phobia. If you start obsessing over how they can get into your house and where they could be hiding followed by compulsions of insceticide, closing windows, checking etc you have OCD, or at least the symptoms.
Have you met with a Dr? I recall you saying that you have.
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Yes i did meet one and they said i met some of the criteria for OCD but not others.I ve noticed i ve a phobia of stds and discarded syringes go figure. And thats it.Germs do not freak me out,things can be rearranged ,the house can be a mess and it wont even bug me.
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Not everyone who has OCD has all of the symptoms. There are different types of OCD. A Dr should know this if they are treating you or trying to diagnose you.

A checker may not be a germ-a-phob.
A germ-a-phob may not be care about symmetry.
A hoarder may not feel that god is punishing them.

You can have OCD with one symptom or 50. If they were all present in all cases, I think we'd have a MUCH harder time, if that is possible to imagine.
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