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Is this OCD (obsessive type)?

Hello all, thanks in advance.
So I have had 2 instances of what I think of as obsessions or obsessive thoughts in my lifetime (once when I was losing my hair in my early 20s and I spent every waking hour obsessing about what I could do about it, how other people saw me, feeling ugly, asking god why, and noticing the hairlines and hair thickness of ALL people-babies, women, men, young old, the whole nine yards) and now again over the past 3-4months in seeing the wrinkles on my girlfriend's eyes and her under eye dark circles. She is older than me by 5yrs and it has caused me to not be able to pay attention to anything other than how we (I, really as I cannot tell her) can fix this and I have, just as above, taken meticulous notice of each person that I meet/talk to eye area to look for wrinkles or to evaluate how bad they are. It happens daily. I have broken up with this girlfriend as it lead to severe anxiety and depression. I am not sure if this is due to the relationship (i have never been truly attracted to her and kept her at arms length in order to not get close to her, which I regret) or if I was depressed and this led to the OCD and obsession with her eye wrinkles. I did not notice, at least not to an obsessive level her weight gain over the course of our relationship....
Please help! (I am on Prozac now for depression but do not feel it is quelling the obsessive thoughts).
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Hi there.  Well honestly since I'm not a doctor I cannot say for sure that you have OCD, only a qualified professional can do that.  

There are many forms of OCD.  Sometimes people get hung up on self-esteem issues, health related issues, etc.  It seems to me that you do have a propensity to obsess over looks.  I honestly wonder if you don't have a self-esteem issue.  You worried about your hair loss and then you chose a girlfriend that you say you have never been truly attracted to but hey, a girlfriend is a girlfriend I guess in your book at least until recently.  Also, you stated that you did not notice her weight gain but you did bring it up so therefore you did notice it.  I think you have some issues that you need to sit down with a therapist and hash out.  

Is the Prozac prescribing doctor a psychiatrist or a GP?  Also, Prozac is prescribed for OCD so if you are having obsessional thoughts and they are related to OCD, then I would think the medication should help providing it is at the right dosage.  

Sorry I can't be of more help but I do think you should have a sit down with a either a psychologist or psychiatrist to talk about why these types of things bother you.

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