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Is this a normal fantasy?

I'm 23 and every part of my life is normal and happy apart from the fact that I have OCD. I have recently been very very anxious, as from the age of maybe 13 up until I was 21 I had fantasised about a current crush, whether it be a celebrity or someone I know and fantasising about them being 16-20 y/o (Depending on how old I was at the time) and being at school or college and them getting into trouble with teachers, getting sent out of class and having flings with teachers and getting into trouble with parents. I only imagined them being 16-20 y/o because that is the age of someone in school/college and I would never fantasies about someone underage! I have no idea why I had this fantasy, but I worry it's because I might be attracted to school children, which I think is just my OCD making me think that, as I am only attracted to men who are older than me! But i'm just so curious as to why I have this fantasy, what do you think? I may have originally seen this type of role play in a movie/tv show as a kid and liked it, which is why I created my own fantasy? It may also be to do with me finding dominance (teachers/parents/other authoritative figures) attractive? This scares me so much and I want to talk to an OCD therapist about it, but I'm so scared to tell anyone (boyfriends/friends etc) in case they think i'm weird or sick? I have had various other fantasies that involve imagining my crush younger than what they are and so this is what worries me! Also just to note I do not have this fantasy anymore and I have always had normal fantasies too, like marriage, buying my first house and normal sex fantasies too! Am I overreacting, is it just the OCD?
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There is such as thing called maladaptive daydreaming.  For me I'm always somebody else, usually somebody famous with another famous person.  I don't spend my entire life in a fantasy world but sometimes I think it is a big stress reliever.  If you are seeing a therapist, you can definitely bring this up.  In my fantasies I'm much younger.....LOL
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