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Is this part of my Racing Thoughts.

Ok I suffer from major Depression, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Intrusive thoughts, Racing Thoughts. And ever since I lost my virginity I started to get even worst. thinking and racing thoughts about me having a transmitted disease even after I already checked myself and they told me that everything came out negative. I still think a lot about that and have panic attacks over that constantly worrying and thinking the worst. Crying as if I have a transmitted disease and start to move a lot. I constantly go to the restroom and check my penis to see if there is something coming out. and till this point I feel very scared disoriented because of the racing thoughts. I bearly started with Zoloft (Seltraline) with 15mg this is my 3rd day taking them. I've actually taking them before but I left them thinking I was already great and felt good, but soon I went back to the same old ways of being. I really hope I can get better and all these thoughts leave me live a normal life. Cause Iam very scared and feel very depressed.
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You have done the best thing you could do in this scenario, get some peace of mind. That means you have gone to the doctor or clinic to get a full check up and confirm that you do not have a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Since you have gotten the facts you need, you should be able to relax and enjoy your life. I completely understand anxiety and the obsessive, repetitive thoughts that ocassionally follow. However, after awhile, those thoughts will cease and you will begin to move into your old self again. Relax and be patient. It would help a great deal if you went to talk to your therapist about this. It will help.

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Thank you so much Anna I really appreciate you taking your time to help out. And I know that's all I want a peace of mind and stop doing all these rituals, and also creating all these scenarios in my head, cause they really do affect the way you live life. Thanks by the way (:
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I don't know if out of my anxiety and The intrusive unwanted thoughts I also have these tingling in my middle part and legs. It really makes me think like I said the worst case scenarios and I start freaking out and loosing it no lie. It really has gotten that far, like I don't even want to listen to music or watch movies cause I feel like that's going to trigger the feelings in my middle part and legs. I really hope all this goes away cause sometimes I just don't know what to do. At this point I feel as if I'm going to be having these feeling forever and it makes me feel really bad. This also causes me to get depressed and to start to panic.
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